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What should I do if I have black lips after bleaching my lips? How should the tattoo artist deal with customers with black lips?

by:Qinmei     2022-05-01

If you have done lip tattooing, if you have done lip tattooing, you should have encountered customers with black lips, and also encountered some black lips after the operation. Some tattoo artist friends have been asking Xiaoya before. Today, according to the release of the semi-permanent beauty artist of Yazini, it is for the tattoo artist friends to learn from. First of all, we should know that black lips are mostly caused by anesthesia for three months to six months. If you find that you are still black after half a month, you can use a hard-boiled egg to peel the shell and then massage your lips for about a week. It will get better later. If it is black all the time, whether it is the whole lip or part, there are several reasons: 1. The tattoo artist has a color matching problem, if the color matching problem is ruled out 2. If the person with serious heart disease is finished, it will also turn black before the operation. If the customer If the lip color is black, it should not be applied directly, but should be changed first, and then applied with the desired color. If you have done it before, you can still turn it over. In terms of color matching, choose white and orange, the ratio is one to four, and one or two drops of white can be used. If the lips are very dark, you can do it twice. Don't apply the color first, just change the color. After the color is turned, you can do the second time every six months. Of course, if the customer is in a hurry, our teacher will do it in three months. During operation, we need to communicate with customers, so that customers don’t care about the process. What we want is the result, which can be accepted by customers. Therefore, communication with customers is the top priority before operation. Finally, let us thank the Wuhen embroidery teacher for sharing. The first month of the Gregorian calendar in 2013 has come to an end. How are your family members harvesting this new year? It's better to put down the work at hand, summarize it, see if you need to improve, and see if you are happy!

There are four reasons for the black lips: Needle insertion too deep The tattoo artist did not adjust the needle length of the machine properly. The needle insertion was too deep and the bleeding was excessive, resulting in bruising and blackening of the lips.

Overdose of anesthesia During the process of lip bleaching, anesthesia is used repeatedly, and the anesthetic ingredients have the effect of constricting capillaries. Excessive use will lead to subcutaneous congestion and the formation of stains.

Physical factors The customer originally had dark lips and dark lips. The tattoo artist directly used the target color without changing the color. After repairing, the lip color returned to black and dark.

Incorrect disinfection and improper care The tattooist's lax disinfection or improper customer care leads to infection of the lip wound and pigmentation after healing. In addition to the third point, the black lips caused by the other three reasons will generally be absorbed by their own metabolism over time, slowly dissipate and return to normal. It's just that the time is uncertain. Some customers may be fine in 2 months, while others need a year or a half. Here comes the problem, a customer who was originally looking for beauty, but now has to go out with his black and mottled lips all day long, and he is not sure when he will recover. The inner entanglement, embarrassment, and pain are incomprehensible to ordinary people. It's a tragedy for them.

As for those of us who are engaged in the tattoo and embroidery industry, we should always put the customer's feelings first, so in addition to letting the dark lip color slowly dissipate on its own (customers can't stand it and can't wait any longer), or take The common solution (and honestly not much faster) Is there any other way to get customers out of lip woes in the shortest time possible? Have! As we all know, to dye white cloth red, we only need to put it into red dye, and to do the same with black cloth, we need to bleach the black cloth to white, and then dye it red.

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