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What should I do if it is difficult to color the line eyebrows and the color is dizzy? Causes and solutions of line eyebrow halo color

by:Qinmei     2022-11-21

First of all, let me popularize science on what is line eyebrows. As the name suggests, line eyebrows are one-by-one, with clear fluff, distinct layers, and strong three-dimensional effect, so that the overall eyebrow shape presents smooth lines, moderate color depth, natural and vivid high-simulation eyebrows. .

After the scab falls off, the color is very deep, thick, dizzy or bluish

Reason: The color is heavy, because the technique is too heavy, the technique is too deep, and it is easy to bleed. When the pigment is combined with the egg white enzyme in the blood, it is easy to turn blue.

Solution: If only a few lines appear very dark and very dark, you can empty the needle in the place where the color is too dark or too thick after one month, reopen the wound, and apply light coloring material, so that Doing so will visually lighten the original color. If the line eyebrows you make are very dark and thick, you can only recommend customers to wash their eyebrows.

After the scab fell off, the lines became more

Reason: After the scab was removed in the later stage, I found that a certain part of the eyebrow had too many lines, and the whole eyebrow shape appeared disharmonious.

Solution: You can choose skin color pigments, tattoo on the places with many lines, and cover the places with many lines. However, we must pay attention: the skin color must not be used on a large area, because it is very difficult to clean the skin color later.

After removing the scab, the color is only half


The color is only half on, which means that your technique is not stable enough. One deep stitch and one shallow stitch.


First of all, to make line eyebrows, the hand should be steady enough, the mind should be decisive, the little thumb should be used as support, and the needle should be steady with the hand. The lines are smooth and elegant, and the color retention rate is very good.

Line eyebrows are not colored at all


(1) The skin is not opened or the scab is too thick, and the color is brought out by the scab.

(2) Too thin or too thick coloring material will make it difficult to color.


(1) Increase the needle density during the operation, so as to improve the penetration of the color material.

(2) The tattoo artist must master the adjustment of the color material, or re-select the color.

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