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What should I do if my eyebrows are prone to bleeding? Six essential operations after bleeding

by:Qinmei     2022-11-24

Clients with oily skin and thin skin are one of the most difficult skin types recognized by tattoo artists. In the process of doing eyebrow tattoo projects, coloring is definitely a problem. In addition, there is another kind of skin type that many tattoo artists are afraid of, that is, customers who have eyebrow tattoos that are prone to bleeding.

Bleeding-prone skin is different from oily skin. The former is more difficult to color. If this type of skin is not handled properly, the consequences will be even more serious than the former two: excessive bleeding will not only cause psychological pressure for both parties, It will also make customers question the technical ability of the tattoo artist. Most importantly, the color retention effect in the later stage is not much better!

So, how should we deal with this type of skin? Compared with the previous methods of tattooing eyebrows, do we need to adjust our operation methods?!

When the symptoms of tattoo bleeding occur, no matter what causes the bleeding, the routine operation steps should be stopped, and correct measures should be taken according to the actual situation of the customer. And the following six points must be done well in the operation process!

1. During the operation, pay attention to these three points: the technique should be light, the needle should be inserted shallowly, and the needle should be moved steadily;

2. In terms of mentality: don't be impatient, don't try to be quick, control bleeding is the first priority;

3. Once there is a lot of bleeding (generally there is no problem with a few blood beads, here refers to bleeding), press with a dry cotton pad until the bleeding stops before continuing the operation;

4. When inserting the needle, just open the skin. Don't go through more needles for the sake of coloring. The more needles are moved, the greater the possibility of bleeding, and the coloring will not follow;

5. Applying color is a must. After walking an area or one eyebrow, apply color, and the time for applying color should be extended appropriately.

6. After the operation is completed, if the coloring is not satisfactory, first confirm whether the skin has been opened. If it has been opened, apply the color. It is recommended to increase the amount of coloring and cover it with plastic wrap to increase the penetration strength. If the skin does not open, consider re-needling.

When encountering a customer who is prone to bleeding, you should explain it to the customer in advance, because in such a situation, it will be more difficult to keep the color than normal skin, and there is a high chance of color supplementation in the later stage. It can be regarded as a reassurance for customers, so be prepared for this first.

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