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What should I do if the line eyebrow color retention rate is low? Ways to improve the rate of color retention

by:Qinmei     2022-11-20

As novice tattoo embroiderers, we have too many deficiencies, such as lack of skills, experience, and aesthetics. These will cause us to have no idea, the eyebrow color retention rate is low, and the post-production effect of the work cannot be guaranteed. In order to complete high-quality line eyebrows, in addition to years of experience accumulated by the tattoo artist, follow-up maintenance is also required.

Several aspects that affect color retention:

1. Skin properties

Oily skin and sensitive skin are the worst, with low color retention.

2. Repair usage

For repairing products, if you apply too much scab and thicken the skin, more color will be taken away.

3. Operation details

Just after the treatment, the tissue fluid should be cleaned in time, otherwise it will affect the nutrient absorption of the repair product if it dries up.

4. Post-care

Scabs should not be scratched during the process of scab removal, and they will fall off naturally.

In general:

① The semi-permanent color retention rate has a lot to do with the customer's own physique! Individual repair conditions are different, resulting in different post-effects from person to person. The faster the repair, the better the color!

②Post-repair is also very important! If you want good results: three-point operation and seven-point repair.

③Even if the color retention rate reaches 90%, a second repair is still required in about a month to present the most perfect eyebrow effect.

Experience in improving color retention:

1. Receive customers, check the skin quality of customers, which category does it belong to? Immediately conceive in your heart: what coloring material to use and what technique to use?

For example: the customer has mixed skin, and the color retention rate is low in mind, and it is not easy to color, so he chooses to use dark colors and do it by hand, with a slightly heavier technique.

2. After exfoliating and cleaning, design the appropriate eyebrow shape according to the face shape

3. Start the operation, do not need to fix the frame, apply the base color in the first pass to outline the shape lightly, carry out both sides at the same time, and always pay attention to the skin wound.

4. After the operation, press with the palm of your hand to squeeze out excess tissue fluid.

5. If the skin becomes red or white after the operation, just apply the swelling management solution.

6. After the work is completed, apply auxiliary restoration agent at the end.

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