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What should I pay attention to after semi-permanent eyebrow surgery? Precautions after semi-permanent eyebrow makeup

by:Qinmei     2022-12-12

Semi-permanent eyebrow makeup is unfamiliar and familiar to female friends who love beauty, and there are some misunderstandings about some treatment methods after semi-permanent eyebrows are done. Many people think that semi-permanent eyebrows are OK, but this is not the case. Generally, tattoo artists will talk about a point of view: Whether the semi-permanent eyebrows are done well depends not only on the skills, but also on post-operative care. So what are the precautions after semi-permanent eyebrow makeup? Let's take a look at some precautions after surgery.

Precautions after semi-permanent eyebrow makeup: Do not get wet

Semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing is to implant pigments in the epidermis of the eyebrows. If it encounters water, it will dilute the plant pigments in the epidermis. And water wounds are prone to infection. Therefore, avoid the operation site when washing your face within 48 hours, and keep the surgical wound away from water as much as possible.

Note 2 after semi-permanent eyebrow makeup: Do not pick the scar with your hands

Scab after surgery is a normal phenomenon, this time is the process of semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo will go back to color. At this time, our eyebrows will be very itchy. In order to keep the pigment evenly distributed on the skin surface, we must avoid picking it out with our hands at this time, because if we pick it out by ourselves, all the pigment will be removed, and our eyebrows will be colored. uneven phenomenon. The scab should be allowed to fall off on its own.

Matters needing attention after semi-permanent eyebrow fixation three: taboos

Although semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing is an advanced cosmetic technique, it also has wounds. Avoid causing wound inflammation, allergies and getting angry. Everyone's skin characteristics are different, so it is recommended that spicy, seafood and some alcoholic products should be fasted.

Precautions after semi-permanent eyebrow makeup: No makeup on eyebrows

We all know that makeup needs to be removed. After the semi-permanent eyebrow makeup is done, although the color of the eyebrows will become lighter, applying makeup to the eyebrows at this time is undoubtedly a process that brings great damage to the eyebrows. The effect of tattooing eyebrows will also fall short.

Matters needing attention after semi-permanent eyebrow makeup: keep the surgical surface clean

It is very important to keep the wound clean after semi-permanent surgery. It is not advisable to touch hot water, sauna, swimming, yoga and other sports that sweat too much within a week, so as to avoid the operation part being stained by sweat and infection.

Precautions for Semi-permanent Eyebrow Fixing Six: Regular Color Replenishment

After the semi-permanent makeup is finished, it is necessary to replenish the color regularly. This is because the color will be light and lack of color after the first color recovery. Therefore, it is necessary to make up the color and adjust it in the later stage to allow the skin to absorb more pigment to achieve semi-permanent The effect of makeup.

After finishing the semi-permanent eyebrow makeup, the above six precautions must be kept in mind, the steps of three-point technique and seven-point care can perfectly show the eyebrows. Girls who want to pay more attention to semi-permanent eyebrow makeup can consult Xinyu Xingsha, and more dry goods are waiting for you.

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