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What should I pay attention to when doing tattoo OEM?

by:Qinmei     2022-10-27
The tattoo market has a promising prospect. Many people want to enter the tattoo industry. The usual way is to find a tattoo manufacturer to cooperate with them and create a brand of their own. So, what should be paid attention to in the processing of tattoo brands

Understand the processing hardware strength of tattoo and embroidery processing manufacturers.

A tattoo brand OEM enterprise can be comprehensively evaluated from the production workshop, production equipment, and production capacity. For example, what is the purification standard of this manufacturer's production workshop? 100,000, 200,000, 300,000...Which level does it belong to and does it meet its own production requirements?

There are strict requirements on the cleanliness of the workshop in the processing and production of some pigmented tattoo brands. At the same time, can the production equipment meet its own production capacity needs? Is it possible to complete the cosmetic processing tasks entrusted by yourself within the specified time? The best way is to go to the embroidery brand processing factory to conduct a field inspection, and you can get a real understanding of the actual situation of a manufacturer.

Learn about the service cases of tattoo brand OEM manufacturers.

Many companies have served end customers and beauty salon customers. Through the actual tattoo embroidery brand processing service cases, we can see the solutions provided by this company when serving customers. For example, the high-end tattoo embroidery brand Aimoosi created by reference:

Need to understand the composition of tattoo brand processing costs

Embroidery brand processing and production will definitely involve the issue of cost quotations. This issue is a concern of both parties. Through detailed negotiation and communication, an accurate quotation will be obtained. The most important work at this stage is to communicate, accurately describe the needs, and seek the opinions of the embroidery brand OEM manufacturers. The cost composition of tattoo brand processing is generally reflected in the customization of packaging materials, raw material procurement and processing, processing service fees and other costs (including testing, logistics and distribution, etc.).

According to its own tattoo brand processing positioning, the product positioning is high-end, the quality of the packaging materials and materials used must not be poor, and the processing price will be high; on the contrary, it is a cost-effective tattoo brand processing solution!
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