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What should the employees of the tattoo shop do if they fail to complete their performance?

by:Qinmei     2022-04-19

Since we announced the crowdfunding model of 532 Embroidery Store, it has aroused strong response from everyone. Many students have formed a team to open a store according to our method, and have achieved good results, but some students still do not understand The essence of the 532 crowdfunding embroidery shop model, there have been some embarrassment in the specific implementation process. Today, we are going to share with you a real case of employee motivation in a 532 crowdfunding tattoo shop. It is said that a classmate heard about the model of our 532 crowdfunding tattoo shop and went back to set up a team to open a shop. She planned to invest 500,000 yuan in the early stage. Her personnel structure is like this. Capital stock: 5 people including myself, each of them invested 50,000 yuan, each holding 4% of the shares; Management shares: one person invested 150,000 yuan, accounting for 30% of the shares; Store staff shares: I found five people, each invested 20,000 shares , each accounting for 10%. (I am not a full-time professional, and I seldom operate, so I don’t invest in clerk shares.) In total, I invested 200,000, accounting for 34% of the shares. Other capital invested a total of 200,000, and took away 16% of the shares. The clerk invested a total of 100,000. , accounting for 50% of the shares. All parties happily accepted this plan. The capital side invests money regardless of the matter, and shares a small amount of money, and the risk is not large. How cool! The clerk invests a small amount of money to become the boss. If you make money, you will get half of it. How awesome! What about yourself? Originally, I had to invest 500,000 to realize my dream of opening a store. Now I only need 200,000. The most important thing is that this store does not need to worry about it alone. , I will bring customers to the store if I have anything or nothing, help without causing confusion, employees don’t have to pay wages, and their mental outlook is much better than those employees who were recruited by their own stores before. In the store, it is worth sharing the benefits! In the formulation of the employee incentive policy, she found that our article did not mention it (is our article really not mentioned?), so she made her own decision to formulate a requirement of 50,000 yuan per person per month. In the first month of operation, it achieved good results. The performance was close to 300,000. Two of them did very well, one was more than 80,000, the other was more than 90,000, and one just met the standard, but the other two only did More than 20,000 yuan, one only made more than 30,000 yuan.

She started to get into trouble when she distributed the money to the clerk. Do you think the two who did not meet the standard should deduct the money? If you don't deduct it, everyone thinks that you can eat a big pot of rice. In the future, the strong ones may not be so active, and the weak ones will be even more messed up. This is going to be deducted, it's only the first month, will they feel emotional after deduction? And how to deduct it without saying it in advance? If this store were yours, what would you do? She later turned to us, and we let her solve this first problem satisfactorily.

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