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What tattoo knowledge do you need to know for beginners?

by:Qinmei     2022-07-27

What tattoo knowledge do you need to know for beginners?

It has to be said that it is a wise choice for beginners to join the tattoo industry, but for friends who have just joined the industry, the eyebrows they draw are generally not so perfect. I don't know how to walk, I don't know how to improve myself. For many people, as an embroidery scholar, many people know that eyebrows are complex in the eyebrows, eyes and lips of tattoos, and for some techniques, the effect of different eyebrows can be made. show different perceptions. Did you look for the key points of what the teacher said in the classroom?

The eyebrows are all drawn through a lot of lines. For beginners, simple practice is naturally some line drawing. We practice the virtual and solid sense of lines by drawing short arcs and straight lines on the diagonal of the square book. And when drawing lines, you must hold the pen vertically, and the posture of holding the pen is the way you draw your eyebrows, and don't let the lines run out of the checkered book. Alternate forward and reverse lines. Through a lot of practice, you can develop a good feel for yourself. After finding the virtual and virtual feeling of drawing lines, everyone can basically operate on some white paper.

Of course for the detailed steps and how to make different lines have different thickness effects. The length of the horizontal line is generally determined by the length of the eyebrows of different customers. In fact, we have standard eyebrow shapes, and how to operate them depends on different eyebrow shapes.

It is inevitable for beginners to master some line skills, and a good start is half the success. The basic skills you start to learn tattoo embroidery will determine how far you will go in the future. What else do you need to know about tattoos for beginners? Come and consult us.

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