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When is the most suitable time for color supplementation after semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing, lip liner tattooing, and eyeliner tattooing?

by:Qinmei     2022-05-07

It is the first time to test the degree of skin coloration, and it is initially formed; after 28 days of skin metabolism, the final degree of pigment absorption is shown; when the first coloration is restored, there will be light color, lack of color, etc., which belong to Under normal circumstances, secondary color correction can be performed within 1-3 months. Semi-permanent secondary color compensation time Normally, the time between the semi-permanent secondary color compensation and the first semi-permanent color compensation should be at least one month apart, and preferably every three months. The reason for such a time regulation is that the skin metabolism cycle is 28 days. During this time, some pigments will be absorbed by the skin. Only after the 28-day cycle, the color of the skin will return to stability, so a semi-permanent secondary treatment is performed. Complementary colors take at least 28 days, which is about a month apart. The semi-permanent color refill time can be late. Although the interval between the second refill after semi-permanent is at least one month, it does not mean that the refill time after semi-permanent must be done after one month. It is also good to leave a period of time for the skin to repair and restore color. choose. The longer the interval between the first semi-permanent makeup and the semi-permanent makeup, the better the wound repair of the skin, and the more stable the color is. Under normal circumstances, there is no problem with the interval of three months after the semi-permanent makeup.

Semi-permanent makeup time can not be too early Semi-permanent makeup requires decomposable pigment to penetrate the skin, so it will cause slight trauma to the skin. After a semi-permanent make-up, the wound has not yet fully recovered, so prematurely replenishing the color will deepen the damage to the skin, which is not conducive to the repair of the skin. In addition, if the complementary color is too early, it is easy to cause color dizziness because the color is not stable, so the time for semi-permanent complementary color should not be earlier than one month. Semi-permanent complementary color should be light and not strong. Experienced embroiderers always follow the principle of complementary color that should be light and not strong. This is because after semi-permanent complementary color, the skin will enter the color reversion period, and the color of makeup after color reversal will change. It is more even, natural and thicker than after the scab is removed. According to the different skin constitution of each person, the time and effect of color return are different, usually about one month to one and a half months in the case of reverse color. How to care for semi-permanent color complementation Fairies who love beauty also need to pay attention to nursing after semi-permanent color complementation: drink more water during the day, maintain adequate sleep, quit smoking, limit alcohol and eat less spicy food. Drinking water and getting enough sleep can speed up the metabolism of the human body, so that the skin after the color is repaired as soon as possible. In addition, the intake of tobacco, alcohol and spicy food is irritating food for those who have done semi-permanent, and it is very important for the recovery of the body and the return of makeup. There is no benefit to color, so after semi-permanent color complement, you should ensure a regular diet and rest time, drink plenty of water, and ensure the quality of sleep. What is the role of semi-permanent complementary color? To obtain better semi-permanent makeup effect, you need to do semi-permanent secondary complementary color. The main function of the secondary color complement is not only to focus on the replenishment of the uneven absorption of pigment on the eyebrow skin, but also to enhance the overall color of the eyebrow according to the metabolism of the individual skin. In addition, after the semi-permanent secondary color complement, it can also make the semi-permanent maintenance time more natural and longer.

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