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When is the time for the second complementary color of half tattoo embroidery?

by:Qinmei     2022-08-24

After a lot of babies are half done, some will find that their foggy eyebrows are a little light, a little narrow, or a little short... They find that some lines of their eyebrows seem to have disappeared, the color is lighter, and it is normal to lose color. I have emphasized many times that this is a normal phenomenon of half tattooing. It is really not difficult to apply color once, but it is difficult to restore and present the final effect in the future. Therefore, the second complementary color is a necessary link to consolidate and strengthen the half makeup effect. .

The tattoo artist will have a promise of a complementary color period after half the operation. For example, the eyebrows made by Mr. Ding can be colored if there is any dissatisfaction within half a year. But many babies don't know the time to make up the color. They have just had a pair of eyebrows and the scab has not been taken off, so they consider the matter of making up the color.

In fact, such a psychological teacher Ding can also understand, who doesn't want to have a perfect eyebrow shape earlier? So when is the half complementary color time, let's take a look at it together.

What does semi-complementary color do?

In order to obtain a better half effect, we may need to perform secondary color supplementation. The main function of secondary color supplementation is not only to focus on replenishing the areas where the eyebrow skin absorbs uneven pigments, but also to the eyebrows according to the individual's skin metabolism. The overall color is thickened, or there are some minor adjustments that are not satisfied with the half eyebrows. In addition, the half eyebrows can also be maintained for a longer and more natural time after the second complementary color.

The time of semi-secondary complementary color should be late rather than early

The time for half-secondary color supplementation is generally less than a month away from the time for the second half-do. Although no one has made such a rule, we should still make recommendations based on the skin's own metabolism. The metabolism of our skin The cycle is about 28 days, which is about a month. During this time, part of the pigment will be absorbed by the skin. Only after the metabolism cycle has passed, the color of the skin will become stable. Therefore, we recommend a secondary color complement arrangement. The period should not be less than one month.

Half complementary color time is too early

Half tattooing needs to pierce decomposable pigment into the skin, so it will cause slight skin trauma. After one half tattooing, the wound has not fully recovered. Premature replenishment of color will deepen the skin lesions, which is not conducive to skin repair. In addition, Premature complementary color can easily lead to smearing because the color is not completely stable, so the time of half complementary color should not be earlier than one month.

Half complementary color time can be late

Although we say that the half-compensation interval operation should be at least one month, it does not mean that the half-complementary color time must be done one month after the operation is completed. Because this 'one month' is a typical value and cannot cover all individual differences, it is a good choice to leave it for a while for the skin to repair and restore color. The longer the time interval between the complementary color and the initial operation, the better the repair of the skin wound will be, and the more stable the color will be. Under normal circumstances, there is no problem with the interval between complementary colors for about three months.

Semi-complementary colors should be light and not strong

When an experienced pmu tattoo artist does semi-complementary colors, they always follow the principle of lightness rather than thickness, because after the supplementation, the skin will still enter the color reversion period. , Everyone's physique and skin condition are different, and the color return time and effect will not be the same. Usually, the color return time will vary from one month or even one and a half months.

Care after semi-complementary color

Drinking plenty of water during the day, maintaining adequate sleep, and quitting smoking and alcohol are actually not much different from the initial nursing care.

Drinking water and getting enough sleep can speed up the metabolism of the human body and allow the skin to recover faster and better. Tobacco, alcohol, and spicy foods are spicy foods for people who have operated more than half of them. They are not good for the recovery of the human body and the inversion of makeup. Good semi-operational effects and faster recovery are worth it!

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