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Where can I learn about hemp-free feather eyebrows? Advantages of hemp-free feather eyebrows

by:Qinmei     2022-12-11

The eyebrow tattooing technology in the market continues to improve, and now hemp-free feather eyebrows have become a popular eyebrow tattoo project. Tattoo artists need to constantly meet the needs of customers, so hemp-free feather eyebrows should also be an indispensable tattoo for tattoo embroiderers. eyebrow technique. So where do you learn about hemp-free feather eyebrows? This is what everyone is concerned about.

Linen-free feather eyebrows

No anesthesia, direct machine operation, silky, foggy, fluffy, once painted, can last for 3-5 years, can be operated during menstruation and breastfeeding. Later color retention rate: 100%, which makes up for the shortcomings of handmade silk mist eyebrows that are relatively blunt, easy to break and incoherent. Silk in the mist, mist in the silk, the effect is soft and natural three-dimensional, suitable for all skin types and ages.

Where can I learn hemp-free feather eyebrows?

Hemp-free feather eyebrows were originally produced by Xinyu Xingse principal Wang Juan. After the release, they were unanimously recognized by the tattoo industry. Many tattoo training college instructors came to Xinyu Xingse to learn the novelty of hemp-free feather eyebrows. eyebrow tattooing technique. Therefore, in many training institutions, there are not many teachers who are really proficient in the technique of hemp-free down eyebrows. As the birthplace of hemp-free down eyebrows, Xin Yuxing Color Beauty Makeup School has been recognized by previous students and is the first choice for learning hemp-free down eyebrows. Royal color beauty school.

Advantages of hemp-free down eyebrows

1. No anesthesia in the whole process, no anesthesia and painless operation, to avoid customers with sensitive muscles allergic to anesthetics

2. Using high-end precision instrument microneedle operation

3. In response to scar constitution, after eyebrow cutting, those with zero hair can get 100% color

4. During menstrual period and breastfeeding period, the color retention rate in the later period can be 100%

5. Silky, foggy, and fluffy, the effect is realistic and natural, and it can be touched with water after operation

6. The effect is soft, natural and three-dimensional, suitable for all skin types and ages

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