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Which tattoo pigment manufacturer is the best? How do tattoo artists choose?

by:Qinmei     2022-10-22

With the development of the semi-permanent tattoo industry, there are too many tattoo pigments on the market, from different brands and countries. How to choose as a tattoo artist is a very critical issue.

The technique of the tattoo artist is very important, but the material also plays a decisive role. Embroidery pigment manufacturers are here to popularize them and teach you how to distinguish between good and bad.

The skin of the human body is translucent, and the pigment can show its color through the skin. The pigment that penetrates the skin is in the form of small particles with a diameter of less than a micrometer. Larger particles (distributed bands of about 0.4 mm) remain between the basal and papillary layers.

Because the particles are too large to be engulfed by macrophages, they form a colored mark that persists for years or more.

Then the quality of the pigment directly affects the business opportunities and reputation. Every customer wants to get the best silk-painted artificial eyebrows, and word of mouth and effect can almost determine everything.

In fact, in terms of the cost of pigments, good pigments and poor pigments are too different, but the feel during operation, the speed of coloring, the color of postoperative reactions, and the long-term saturation are completely different.……

1. Water-soluble pigments

Also known as water color pigments, the advantages are strong penetration and fast color entry. However, the viscosity is weak, the color is easy to fade, the color stability is poor, the eyebrows are easy to turn red, and the laser is difficult to remove. Some people think that good pigments should be spread around when dropped into water, but they are wrong! This just means that the pigments are not stable enough. That is to say, the color is easy to fade after doing, and the effect is kept for a short time.

2. Paste colorant

Strong stickiness, suitable for manual pen operation, no need for electric machines, due to the limited number of needle points for the eyebrow embroidery needle piece, the short-term effect after the operation is prominent, natural, but the maintenance time is short.

3. Emulsion-like color cream

Also known as semi-paste pigment, take a drop of pigment on the back of the hand and rub it back and forth with a small area of ​​the belly of the finger.

Some colors are synthesized from more than three color systems, among which there may be more than one unstable color. This color jump is easily absorbed in a short time after the operation, and the remaining color remains on the skin more stably, thus forming a Our common fading and discoloration are gone.

If you are used to the practical operation of line eyebrows, you should choose the color material carefully. As we all know, it is not easy to color line eyebrows, especially machine line eyebrows. The machine line eyebrows are colored at one time, no need to repeat multiple operations, 100% color retention, fine and transparent lines in the later stage, no smearing and continuous dots.

Recently, this flesh pink is more popular. It can be used to lighten the lips, change the middle to dark black, make the base and change the color, and use it with other colors.

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