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Who is suitable for fluttering eyebrows, and what are the characteristics of fluttering eyebrows?

by:Qinmei     2022-05-05

In one of the following situations, eyebrow raising is not recommended. 1. Patients with high blood pressure and diabetes should inform the tattoo artist about their condition when raising their eyebrows; 2. Women should not raise their eyebrows during menstruation and breastfeeding cycles. 3. Those with severe asymmetry of the eyebrows on both sides, those with the eyebrow growth part seriously separated from the brow bone, and those with excessively rich eyebrow expressions (if some customers usually like to raise their eyebrows exaggeratedly, it will cause the eyebrows to be too far away from the eyes over time and float away. may be more pronounced behind the eyebrows). 4. Extreme perfectionists, those who have high requirements for themselves, need to be cautious. Brow raising is a purely manual technique, and differences in aesthetics and understanding of each person may have different effects, which requires good communication and coordination between the two parties. After the launch of the eyebrows, it has been loved by the majority of beauty lovers. Therefore, some people have followed suit, and there have been: dynamic fluttering eyebrows, soft embroidered fluttering eyebrows, spin color fluttering eyebrows and so on. This phenomenon is mainly due to the following characteristics of the eyebrows: From the design results, the technicians of the eyebrows will design the eyebrows for the customers before they make the eyebrows for the customers. Different from the common method, the eyebrows can be designed one by one, so that customers can see the effect of eyebrows from the design, and can communicate with customers more effectively. Because for the current aesthetic requirements, a successful eyebrow is not only a suitable eyebrow shape, but its fidelity, whether it is natural or not, is also very important. Therefore, the root-shaped design of the eyebrows is not only a sublimation of design, but also an improvement of technical support. The previous tattooing techniques are flawed. For example, tattoo technicians are not skilled enough, the eyebrow shape design is not good, there is an accidental failure in the operation, and the customer regrets it for various reasons after the eyebrow is done. In these cases, customers can only wait until three months later, when the skin has fully recovered, to wash off the eyebrows with a laser or a lotion. No matter which method is used, there is no guarantee that it will be washed clean and will not leave scars. Of course, the pain of the laser and the corrosive effect of the potion will not be mentioned. During the research and development period of Piaomei, a dry pink material was used. When lifting eyebrows, special lysozyme was used to reconcile the colorant, so that each color material molecule was covered by lysozyme. When it needs to be wiped off, use Piaomei eyebrow wash For the eyebrows, the eyebrow shampoo decomposes lysozyme into water. The pigment flows out of the wound with the water. No red and blue eyebrows Many women have red and blue eyebrows soon after getting tattooed. Affect your own image. This has a lot to do with tattoo pigments and techniques: ①Red eyebrows: Chinese eyebrows are generally in several colors such as light coffee, dark coffee or Asian black. These colors are generally mixed with black and red. The human body has the characteristic of absorbing melanin. When melanin is absorbed, the eyebrows will slowly reflect red. The eyebrow pigment appears as a dry powder, which reduces the possibility of the human body absorbing melanin. And a layer of lysozyme is wrapped around the pigment, which is another barrier. ②Blue eyebrows: generally caused by operating techniques and techniques. When making eyebrows, the needles are made deeper and reach the dermis. When they blend with the blood under the dermis, the color emerges from the skin and looks like blue eyebrows. When using the eyebrow lifter to make eyebrows, it strictly pays attention to the depth, and can effectively grasp the level of skin coloring, and more accurately control the coloring material between the base layer and the nipple layer of the skin. It just avoids too light fading and too dark bluishness, and there will be no bleed eyebrows.

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