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Why are eyebrow tattoos falsely colored? 5 Causes of False Coloring

by:Qinmei     2022-11-25

False coloring means that during tattooing operation, part of the pigment color enters the epidermis, while the other part floats on the skin surface. The part floating on the surface is false coloring. What causes false coloring? The problem lies in these five points, let's start with the main reason - operation.

Reason 1: The stitches are not vertical

Needle insertion is not vertical, and if the needle method is not vertical enough, the pigment cannot penetrate into the skin, but just floats on the surface. After the scab forms, the color will fall out together with the scab. Countermeasures: The needle method must be vertical when inserting the needle, so that the color material can really penetrate into the skin.

Reason 2: Frequent needle movement

During the operation, the number of stitches is too many, the skin is damaged deeply, and the scab is thick. In this case, the root of the thick scab is deep, and when the scab falls off, the root of the scab will also bring out the implanted color block.

Countermeasures: During operation, control the number of needle movements, not too many. In addition to operational reasons, these two reasons may also lead to false coloring.

Reason 3: Skin problems

Customers with their own skin problems, customers with oily skin and sensitive skin often experience false coloring. The skin secretes oil strongly, and the oil and pigment mix during operation, resulting in false coloring.

Reason 4: coloring material

The thickness of the pigment will affect the degree of coloring. Countermeasures: adjust the thickness of the pigment, not too thick or too thin, choose milky color cream when operating the mist eyebrow.

Reason 5: Needle insertion is too deep

Inserting the needle too deep during operation is a taboo for tattooing eyebrows. If the needle is inserted too deep, it will cause no coloring in minor cases, and bleeding will occur during operation. The capillaries migrate to the periphery, and the consequences can be serious and cause halo and bluish color.

Countermeasures: Control the strength of needle insertion, rather light than heavy, rather light than heavy, rather light than heavy!

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