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Why can't tattoo embroidery, what is the reason why scar constitution and diabetes can't do tattoo embroidery?

by:Qinmei     2022-05-10

Yesterday the ARTISTRY semi-permanent makeup artist saw some customers in the group asking: Why can't people with scars and diabetes do tattoos? For this, many tattooists also expressed that they did not know the specific reasons. Today Xiaoya will help you analyze it, everyone will know what happened!

Scar body customers, as the name suggests, are prone to scars on their skin, and even small scratches will cause scars, not to mention the eyebrows, eyes and lips, especially the lip surface, the immunity and repair of the lip surface The ability is far inferior to the skin. This type of customer is permanently unable to do tattoo and embroidery.

And diabetic customers can't do it. Diabetics and albinos can't be injured. Due to the low immunity, the body repair ability of this group of people is extremely poor, the recovery of the body wound is slow, the wound does not heal well after the operation, and some medicines cannot be taken. It cannot be repaired for a long time, and it is easy to form festering, which will cause many problems, and some germs will take advantage of it. Therefore, all tattoo artists, every customer should ask before they do it: whether there is a scar body, whether they have diabetes or not! Safe operation and peace of mind are what we want!

Yesterday Xiaoya shared the knowledge about pricing and positioning with you. Some tattoo artists asked: Then how can I set the price? Xiaoya thinks: What price can the consumer groups around your store accept, what kind of consumption level do the customers you want to do, and then determine your price! We embroiderers also know that the price of tools such as pigments is not very different, and the price is not very high. The price depends on how much you think your skills and reputation are worth. Well, it is the best to receive peace of mind! ! !

The other five kinds of people who are not suitable for tattooing

The first type: people who only pursue low price, not quality!

The so-called 'you get what you pay forLook, these are those cheap tattoos. Looking at such tattoos, are you willing to use yourself to let others practice? !

Tattoo embroidery is not the cheaper the better. When choosing tattoo embroidery, you must choose whether the institution is upright or not, the doctor is professional or not, whether the embroidery color material is good or not, and whether the embroidery environment is safe or not. Consider all aspects comprehensively, rather than blindly pursuing low prices!

At Artzini's semi-permanent chain organization, we can not only provide you with the industry's top embroiderers, but also imported natural plant colorants and professional sterile embroidery rooms! Only in such an environment can you make the best tattoo effect.

The second type: excessive pursuit of perfection, obsessive-compulsive disorder patients!

If you look in the mirror every day and feel bad here and there, no matter how good the tattoos are, you can pick out the faults. For the definition of perfection, everyone is different, and obsessive-compulsive patients have mild or severe psychological barriers and are too eager for perfection, so they are not suitable for this project.

Of course, from the very beginning of the design, our senior tattooists will fully communicate with beauty seekers and design a variety of eyebrow shapes for beauty seekers to choose from. The eyebrows that come out in this way will lose the eyebrows that the beauty seekers like.

The third type: those who are in poor health!

If you are a beauty seeker with severe scar constitution, and those who suffer from heart disease, diabetes, hair loss after chemotherapy, etc., for your health consideration, Artistic Semi-permanent tattoo artist recommends that you temporarily Do not do tattoos to avoid possible risks.

The fourth type: people who do not cooperate with tattoo artists!

The word 'according to the doctor's advice' must have been heard by all of you. Why do our embroiderers have to give thousands of instructions, just to hope that your embroidery effect can reach the best state!

Be sure to apply repairing ointment after tattooing; it is best not to touch water within three days; If you don't follow the instructions well, the result will be serious decolorization, and you have to blame the tattoo artist for their poor skills, then you are really not suitable for tattooing!

Fifth: unrealistic, fantasy-loving people!

Some girls fall in love with the same eyebrows as celebrities when they watch TV shows! Take the photo and let the tattoo artist do it for her! But, are those eyebrows really suitable for you? !

Each person has a different temperament, and the appropriate eyebrow shape is different!

The best-looking tattoos are not the same as the stars, but for you! At Artzini semi-permanent chain agency, we do not have star templates, only personal customization!

Our tattoo artist will help you design a personalized tattoo plan based on the facial features and personal temperament of the beauty seeker! This kind of eyebrows will be the most suitable for you.

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