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Why do I need a second touch-up for semi-permanent? Reason Analysis of Secondary Complementary Color

by:Qinmei     2022-12-16

When doing semi-permanent eyebrows, I often hear the words of the tattoo artist reminding the second touch-up color. For experienced friends, I am used to it, but for novices, I may not understand why the second touch-up color is needed after the eyebrows are done? It is even disgusting. The second complementary color is considered to be the routine of the tattoo artist. After finishing the semi-permanent eyebrow makeup, in order to better retain the color effect, it is necessary to make up the color twice. The following editor will give you an analysis.

Complementary color is not a good semi-permanent technology, or is the color material poor?

At present, the pigments on the market are relatively high-quality, and the coloring is extremely easy. The color can be added with a slight skin break, and some even do not need to break the skin, and the color can be left up! Basically, there is no need to supplement the color, but after a few years, it will Turned into blue eyebrows, red eyebrows, laser can be removed.

Why complement color? Why do you need to replenish the color after 28 days?

Complementary color is a routine operation for semi-permanent makeup. 90% of people need to achieve semi-permanent real effect through complementary color. The time for skin repair is 28 days. After the first treatment, the skin has completely recovered before performing the treatment, which will have a good complementary color effect.

Semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo steps

The process of semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing must go through six stages: design, coloring, scabbing, recoloring, color replenishment, and shaping. People who have done semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing want to achieve fast coloring and easy operation, but why do they insist on using imported natural pigments? Because of safety! Don't treat your precious face with cheap things.

After the semi-permanent eyebrows are done, it is normal for the first color retention rate to be low. Sometimes the color retention rate is as high as 90%, and it is still necessary to make a second color supplement, so that the color rendering effect will be better. The first time I did semi-permanent eyebrows was to test the coloring of my skin, so that I could adjust the coloring material when I added the color later.

In the second color supplement, after the first color retention effect is tested, the repair and improvement work is carried out. Does the tattoo artist want to make a second complementary color? It only needs to be done once, which is simple and trouble-free. It is so simple and light, and it also saves costs. This is because semi-permanent makeup uses natural pigments, which can be metabolized by the human body normally, so secondary color supplements are required. The more natural the pigment, the more necessary it is to complement the color. Semi-permanent makeup is for the sake of the beauty of customers, not simply cutting corners and saving materials! Secondary complementary color is very necessary!
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