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Why do Korean tattoos need a second coloring?

by:Qinmei     2022-08-18

All beauty lovers value their facial features, and the top of the facial features are the eyebrows. At present, tattoos and Korean-style semis in the beauty industry can be said to come out on top. When it comes to the Korean half-style eyebrows, it can not only correct people's face shapes, but also indirectly and directly show a person's unique temperament.

As far as the moment is concerned, there are a large number of people who have already done half-finished makeup, and some people who want to do it but are not afraid to do it. Why do I have to go to the trouble of doing a second color refill after half-finishing my eyebrows or eyeliner? Isn't once enough? Let me tell you here, not to mention the second time, the people who go to make up for the third or fourth after the second time are very important!

tattoo korean style

The semi-appearance time is neither long nor short, and it has been accepted by everyone now, and a large number of people have carried out this project, but no matter what has been done or what you want to do, I believe there are many of you. There is no distinction between the so-called traditional tattoos and semi-fixed makeup. A few years ago, the price of tattooing eyebrows was generally a few hundred yuan and the maintenance time was very long. Generally, it can be maintained for a long time, but I have done it for two years. One and a half, the time maintenance will be much shorter than the previous one, and it is often a few thousand dollars, which seems to be too uneconomical in comparison. But everyone must understand that, no matter the tattoo before or now, it will always be on your face, so what is important? Of course it is! Just like the previous eyebrow pmu tattoo, once the tattoo is not good or the color changes after a long time, it cannot be modified.

tattoo korean style

Now there are so many people who have finished tattooing and embroidery in Korean style. After receiving the surgery, they all think that the eyebrows or eyeliner they have done for themselves are very satisfied and meet their original requirements.

Even if it looks very thick and dark when it is first made, at this time, the general tattoo artist will say that the scab will become lighter, and everyone will accept it, but after a while, after the scab is removed, When the color is really faded a lot, some people will be afraid and worried, what is going on?

pmu tattoo korean style

This is also excusable, after all, there must be a big difference between just finishing it and recovering for a period of time.

Here, everyone must understand and understand a truth, that is, a well-made eyebrow setting must have such a process! Here I will tell you why you need to make up the color. Because everyone's skin is different, you need to test how the customer's color is. After the color is applied, there is a general effect, and the second time is the real At the beginning, the second part is the official operation. After the completion of the first stage, there will be a period of three to seven days for the scab to form, and the skin you look at after 28 days of metabolism will show the final absorption of pigment. degree!

tattoo korean style

Everyone's skin is different. When using cosmetics, it depends on whether it is oily or dry, not to mention tattoos. Therefore, everyone's absorption of pigments is different. The so-called second The second complementary color is not an excuse to cheat money, but a responsibility.

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