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Why do semi-permanent eyebrows turn black and thicker? Analysis of the phenomenon of semi-permanent eyebrows turning black

by:Qinmei     2022-12-15

Why are semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos black and thick

In fact, the eyebrows after the operation are black and thick. This is the normal recovery process after the semi-permanent eyebrow fixation. It is because the eyebrows at the operation site will scab during this period, which leads to the appearance of black and thick. There is a recovery period after semi-permanent eyebrow makeup. During this period, the brow area will scab over. What does a scab look like? A scab is a clumped mass of platelets and fibrin on the surface of a wound or sore that falls off on its own after the wound or sore heals. After the operation, the scab will form, and there will be some floating color inside, so the color will look darker. In fact, after a few days, about 7 days from the day of the operation, the scabs will slowly fall off, and the color of the eyebrows will gradually begin to fade.

The process of semi-permanent eyebrows

The formal coloring process of semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing is divided into 4 parts, coloring-scab-returning-coloring-supplementing.

When the first color is restored, there will be light color, lack of color and other phenomena. This is normal and needs to be adjusted through the second color correction in the later stage! The first time is to test the degree of skin coloring and take a preliminary shape. The second time It is a complementary color, and the skin metabolism in 28 days shows the degree of pigment absorption.

Even if it is the same color, the color will remain different on different people

1. Skin nature: oily skin, poor sensitive skin;

2. Repair products in small quantities many times, and the scabs will fade slowly if you apply too much; if you apply less, the color will disappear after the scabs are naturally removed;

3. The tissue fluid should be cleaned in time after the operation, otherwise it will affect the nutrient absorption of the repair product if it dries up.

Precautions for semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing

After the scab is removed, the color of the eyebrows may be very light, or even have no color. In this case, don't rush to find a tattoo artist to make up the color. Because there is a color reversion period at this time, about 28 days, the color of the deep layer of the skin will gradually appear, and this is the real effect of semi-permanent eyebrow makeup.

Now, are you relieved of the thick and dark condition of semi-permanent eyebrows? This is a normal recovery process that must be experienced after semi-permanent eyebrows. You can rest assured. Of course, the care after finishing your eyebrows is also very important. You must listen to the tattoo artist's advice and take good care of your eyebrows!

Questions and answers about semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos
Q: What should I do if the semi-permanent eyebrows I just made are too thick?
Answer: It will be a little strange when you just do it, but it will be natural when the scabs fall off slowly. It will take about a week.
Q: What should I do if my newly embroidered eyebrows are thick and dark?
Answer: Because the eyebrows have just been embroidered, the scabs on them have not fallen off, so it looks rough. When the scabs fall off and the color fades, it doesn't feel rough anymore. After a week of eyebrow tattooing, the color will become lighter and more natural, and it will look better then. do not worry.
Q: What should I do if the semi-permanent eyebrows are thick and hard?
A: There will be a recovery period after eyebrow tattooing. During this period, scabs will form on the fixed eyebrows, and some floating color will remain inside, so the color will look darker. At this time, just apply a thin layer of repair fluid according to the teacher's instructions.
Q: The eyebrows are too dark and thick after tattooing, will they become thinner after the scabs fall off?
Answer: Everything depends on the effect after the scab falls off. After all, it is only the second day. If you really don't like it after the scab falls off, you can go to a tattoo artist who helps you make eyebrows to help you adjust it!
Q: Why are Korean semi-permanent eyebrows so thick?
Answer: If it is done by a machine, it must be very rough.
If you use a needle piece manual pen, it is a wrong technique, the pen is not vertical, and the pen is not rolling.

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