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Why is my eyebrow color fading so fast? How long does the semi-permanent color last?

by:Qinmei     2023-05-18

First of all, eyebrow tattoos last for a long time. It is recommended that we first understand that the normal semi-permanent current is about 1-3 years. Of course, everyone values ​​different points. It is recommended to consult professional teachers for specific advice, because the retention time of eyebrows depends on many aspects.

1. Personal skin reasons

For oily skin and skin with relatively fast metabolism, the semi-permanent color retention of the eyebrows, eyes and lips of the same type will be shorter. Because different skin types have different absorption and metabolism speeds of color milk, so when you encounter this problem, you may wish to first consider whether your skin type is oily, dry, sensitive, neutral, or mixed Wait, there will be a difference in the relative eyebrows.

2. Selection of colorant properties

The pigments are divided into liquid, emulsion, paste, and powder. They are relatively commonly used. For the length of time we want to maintain, the liquid and powder will take a little longer. This also depends on the technology and solution used, which is also one of the reasons that affects the long-lasting color retention time.

3. Technical level

The tattoo teacher will comprehensively consider what plan to adopt according to some needs of the customer, because generally young people tend to metabolize for about 2 years, and they want to keep the color longer than those who are slightly older, because of course different techniques are difficult for the operation. There will also be differences in degree.

4. The impact of maintenance

For three-point tattoos, it's not unreasonable to maintain seven points. After wet compress-cleaning-nourishing and repairing, this step will also greatly affect the color retention rate. It is recommended to take more care and repair, just like our skin needs regular maintenance and regular cleaning.

5. For example, the nature, texture and color saturation of the skin, the depth of the skin, and the skin of the needle will also be affected.

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