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Why is the line eyebrow not colored? The reason why the line eyebrows are not colored

by:Qinmei     2022-12-14

In semi-permanent projects, the color retention rate is the most concerned issue for many tattoo artists. Every time we think about the problem of color retention, we must go back to the fundamental technique and basic skills.

Today we are going to talk about the reasons why the lined eyebrows are not colored?

The reason why the lined eyebrows are not colored

①The color retention stability of line eyebrows in pigment is: toner> Paste> Milky> liquid

Put the toner into the water and stir

Put the paste coloring material into the water and stir

Put the liquid color into the water, it has been dissolved in the water without stirring

If we understand the water in the video as the blood and lymph in our skin. Obviously, the cream dissolves in water after stirring, but the powder color does not dissolve in water. Therefore, the stability of powder pigments in the skin is much higher than that of cream pigments, so the first choice of pigments for line eyebrows should be powder.

technical aspects

①The acupuncture method is too light, the skin opening is small, the color stays in the superficial layer of the skin and mucous membrane, and it will be removed when the scab is removed, resulting in colorlessness.

② There is no full color in the opening of the line, but the wound surface. After the operation, stretch the wound surface properly to check the color.

Operation skills: draw lines, apply toner, and rub the color repeatedly with a cotton swab, then press the operation surface with dry gauze to press the color firmly.

③The needling technique is too heavy and the scab is too thick, and the bleeding is too much during the operation, the toner will be gushed out, and the scab will be colorless after the scab is removed.

Operation skills: Open the opening of the skin, and the depth of some tissue fluid is the best. In the later stage, use the eyebrow zero scab care kit to truly achieve zero scab and reduce the rate of color fading caused by scab.

④The stretched skin is required to be tight, and the soft skin will only increase the friction between the skin and the needle sheet, resulting in unsmooth and clear skin incisions, resulting in thicker eyebrow lines and longer recovery periods.


Oily skin is not easy to color:

Oily skin will retain less color than normal skin, so you should communicate with customers about color replenishment in advance, and the metabolism of powder is slower than milky and liquid colorants, so it is more suitable for oily skin. In the process of operation, it is necessary to cooperate with cleaning and degreasing in the middle of the process, so as to facilitate better coloring.


①The operating needle piece is damaged or the quality is not enough.

Operation skills: For any skin, it is recommended to prepare two needles for operation when doing eyebrow line, so as to reduce the phenomenon of different eyebrow color on both sides caused by needle wear.

Especially people with oily skin and large pores and thick black eyebrows. Always protect the needle tip of the needle to prevent any hard objects, including hard color cups, which will affect the color of the eyebrow line and affect the color retention.

In the final analysis, the selection of the needle piece is the key to operate the eyebrow line. The needles are not sharp, and the skin needs to be cut many times; the needles of the needles are too large, the wound surface is large, and the color difference is left; the lines of the needles are not smooth, and the cut lines are not natural and smooth enough.

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