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Why Semi-Permanent Makeup Doesn't Last Forever The Real Reason for Semi-Permanent Makeup

by:Qinmei     2022-12-15

Everyone is no stranger to semi-permanent, and it has gradually been accepted by the majority of groups, because compared with traditional tattoos, it will be more natural and in line with the aesthetics of modern people! The reason why semi-permanent makeup is called semi-permanent is because the technology has a retention period and cannot Realize permanence, so it is easy for people to know why they don't know why and choose to be discouraged. Let's solve some beauty-loving women's confusion about semi-permanent makeup.

As mentioned in the previous article, semi-permanent makeup is also called long-lasting makeup, which just keeps on for a longer period of time on the basis of makeup; and the purpose of doing semi-permanent is to maintain a long-term faint makeup. Use the following points to analyze why semi-permanent instead of permanent

Under normal circumstances, the effect of semi-permanent eyebrows can be maintained for 1-3 years. The direct reason for the disappearance of the semi-permanent effect is that the pigment of the dye is decomposed by the body, and then the effect of the semi-permanent eyebrows will not be maintained, and will be slowed down over time. Slowly fades until it disappears completely.

Semi-permanent eyebrows cannot be maintained for a long time, which is also one of the advantages of semi-permanent eyebrows, so that beauty seekers can follow the trend to change the shape of their eyebrows.

When many beauty lovers hear that the semi-permanent can only last for 1-5 years, they will ask this question: Why can't it be kept permanently? You must know that getting a tattoo is not cheap.

Semi-permanent makeup does not last as long as possible, because people's aesthetics change with trends, and if semi-permanent makeup can last for a particularly long period of time, then the makeup cannot keep up with fashion trends. in addition. The quality of some semi-permanent materials is not good. If they are left on the skin for a long time, discoloration and other situations may occur, and they have to be washed off. That is, if it takes time and suffers, there is no corresponding effect. This is likely to be self-defeating. .

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