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Will new eyebrows grow after eyebrow tattooing? Do eyebrows need to be trimmed after eyebrow tattooing?

by:Qinmei     2022-11-24

Some people's eyebrows are naturally thick, and some people's eyebrows are naturally thin. Not everyone's eyebrows are perfect. For those who are not satisfied with their eyebrows, semi-permanent eyebrow makeup is a good choice. Then, will eyebrows grow again after eyebrow tattooing, and do you still need to trim eyebrows? I believe these questions are the questions that beautiful eyebrows are thinking about when they are doing semi-permanent eyebrow makeup. Let's take a look

Will eyebrows grow longer after eyebrow tattooing?

Some people are worried about whether semi-permanent eyebrows will hurt? Will it hurt the eyebrows and stop growing eyebrows? After semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing, eyebrows will grow. The eyebrow tattooing principles are as follows:

1. The eyebrows to be tattooed should be shallow rather than deep, short rather than long, thin rather than thick. It is necessary to combine the eyebrow pattern suitable for the age and face design;

2. Choose different dyes according to your skin and hair color; when tattooing, first use brown pigments to tattoo the outer contour to shape, and then use darker dyes to tattoo the inside;

3. For the tattoos at the root and tail of the eyebrows, the density of the tattoos can be slightly sparser.

Do you need to trim your eyebrows after getting your eyebrows tattooed? After semi-permanent eyebrow makeup, you still need to trim your eyebrows. Those who know about eyebrow tattooing must know that eyebrow tattooing is not actually for your own eyebrows. New eyebrows will grow out according to time the day after tomorrow, but the ones that grow out There are not many miscellaneous hairs, so don't worry too much. In order to have good-looking eyebrows and look comfortable, they can be trimmed according to the actual situation.

Do I need eyebrow thrush after tattooing?

One of the semi-permanent makeup techniques is eyebrow tattooing. Eyebrow tattooing surgery generally uses the method of implanting pigments into the skin of the eyebrows to create a permanent thrush effect. To design the eyebrow shape, once the eyebrow tattooing operation is completed, the recipient can save the trouble of drawing eyebrows every day.

Matters needing attention after eyebrow tattooing 1. Changes in eyebrow color and eyebrow shape

Check whether the eyebrow color and shape have changed. After eyebrow tattooing, you should pay attention to see if the eyebrow color is as expected, whether there is any fading or deformation, and if you find it, you should consult with the doctor in time for repair.

2. Is there redness and swelling?

Cold compress to eliminate redness and swelling After eyebrow tattooing, you can use ice packs to apply cold compresses on the red and swollen areas to eliminate redness, but be careful not to apply ice packs directly on the wounded surface to prevent some water from the ice packs from flowing into the wound and infecting the wound.

3. Prevent eyebrows from getting wet

Prevent getting wet After eyebrow tattooing, be careful not to get wet on the wound and keep it dry. At the same time, you can apply some aloe vera gel to promote the healing of the wound and prevent other complications caused by infection.

4. Do not touch hot water when scabs form

Do not touch hot water when scabs form. After eyebrow tattooing, when the wound is scabbed, be careful not to touch the scabbed area with hot water to prevent the scab from falling off improperly.

Scars will remain, so Amy must pay attention to this.

5. Avoid picking scabs with your hands

Don't artificially pick out the scab. After eyebrow tattooing, you should pay attention to it. When the wound has scabbed, you can't artificially pick out the scab. Otherwise, the tattooed eyebrow color may affect its effect. It is advisable to remind everyone to tattoo eyebrows, but you must pay attention to the above problems in order to keep your eyebrows beautiful.

Questions and answers about semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos
Q: What should I do if my eyebrow tattoo fails?
Answer: It can be repaired after the eyebrow tattoo fails. If the color is missing or the eyebrows are too thin, it can be repaired through the second color supplement. If it is caused by technical problems caused by one high and one low and obvious lack of embroidery skills, you need to use the following Method Cleansing Remedy.
Q: My eyebrows are tattooed, and the two sides are asymmetrical. If I trim it, do I have to wash it off? how to wash? Will it hurt, will it return to its original state?
A: Laser eyebrow tattoo removal is a safe and effective method of eyebrow tattoo removal, which is unmatched by any other method at present. Laser eyebrow washing is precisely because laser pigment removal does not destroy normal tissues, so its safety ensures that customers will not be troubled by post-operative complications.
Q: How long can I touch water after semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing?
Answer: Yes after a week, but you need to pay attention not to eat seafood or drink alcohol for 1-3 days after eyebrow tattooing to prevent allergic redness; do not peel the scab with your hands, otherwise scars will form; apply anti-inflammatory drugs after eyebrow tattooing to prevent infection.
Q: Can eyebrows be tattooed during menstruation?
Answer: Try to avoid eyebrow tattooing during the menstrual period. We suggest that beauty-loving women must go through a regular plastic surgery hospital for eyebrow tattooing. This is a good way to have a good eyebrow shape, and it will not damage our own eyebrows. form damage.
Q: Do eyebrow tattoos require anesthesia?
Answer: In general, doctors do not recommend anesthesia injections. Generally, the stinging pain during eyebrow tattooing is within the acceptable range of people, so it is tolerable. However, if the pain point of the beauty lover is relatively low, it will be decided whether to require anesthesia according to the actual situation of the beauty lover.
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