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Will there be swelling and pain after semi-permanent eyebrow, eyeliner, and lip liner?

by:Qinmei     2022-05-07

The eyes are very fragile parts and the windows to the soul. However, in order to have attractive eyes, in order to save the time to apply eyeliner in the morning, many female friends choose to do semi-permanent eyeliner. So, will there be redness after semi-permanent eyeliner? Semi-permanent eyeliner is one of the commonly used semi-permanent makeup techniques. It can also make the white film of the eyes and the black eyeliner form a significant contrast, making the eyes appear more radiant. Semi-permanent eyeliner is a process of injecting color between the epidermis and dermis of the skin very delicately and quickly from the three levels of 'line-color-surfaceThe injected color is able to precisely color the skin and the color will slowly fade over 2-3 years depending on the individual. Will there be redness after semi-permanent eyeliner? If semi-permanent eyeliner is performed in a regular brand beauty institution, the eyes will generally not appear red and swollen, which is very safe and reliable, but beauty lovers must not be greedy to go to an informal hospital for cheap, which can avoid unnecessary trouble. Moreover, semi-permanent eyeliner must be done in a sterile operating room, so as to prevent infection. In addition, after the semi-permanent eyeliner is done, it is necessary to apply cold compresses. Pay attention to wrapping the ice cubes with a sterile towel for cold compresses, not directly with ice cubes, otherwise there will be an infection. Pay attention to keep it clean and dry, and try not to get wet. Try not to eat seafood and drink alcohol to prevent allergies and redness.

Eyebrows: Not swollen, sensitive skin may be a little red, but it disappears after a while, without any impact on daily life; Color contact line: Not swollen or slightly swollen on the day of surgery, the next morning according to The physique of the client is slightly swollen. In this case, ice compresses can be used to reduce the swelling. It is not recommended to do beauty contact lenses at night. Lips: The use of pure natural pigments is generally not swollen, and it will feel slightly swollen just after the application. Disinfection should be done before and after the application.

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