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With colored contact lenses, you don’t need to draw eyeliner every day, your eyes will be enlarged and will discharge

by:Qinmei     2023-05-14

Color contact liner does not have a heavy makeup feel, it looks more natural, so that when you don’t have makeup, you can’t see the lines but you are very energetic, and there is no sense of disobedience when you put on makeup.

Benefits of eyeliner:

1. If your eyes are dull and dull, or your personal characteristics of the eyes are not prominent, and you want to make yourself more distinctive by painting eyeliner, you can actually do a color contact liner.

2. Once you have done the color contact liner, first of all, no matter whether you put on makeup or not, it will visually increase the density of eyelashes, and it will not feel awkward without makeup on a daily basis. Color contact liner is a fine modification of the eyes, especially the perfect pupillary line will enlarge the eyes visually, increase the agility of the eyes, and make the eyes more attractive.

3. Although the color contact line is very small, the effect it brings is obvious, just like the effect of the picture frame on the picture, it plays an important role as a foil.

4. It can make your eyes look bigger, more energetic, more three-dimensional and deep, and eye-catching. It can also balance and correct the shape of the eyes and enhance the curvature of the end of the eyes. With the color contact liner, it seems to light up the dull eyes, which can be said to be the soul of the eyes.

Let me list the precautions for color contact lenses:

1. The color contact line is placed inside the eyelashes, from the first eyelash at the corner of the eye to the last eyelash at the end of the eye. Never tattoo a charming little tail, because it is very difficult to tattoo a charming little tail at the corner of the eye If you remove it, maybe three to five years later, your semi-permanent makeup will be gone, but the little tail is still there!

2. Don’t make it too wide. In fact, the color contact line can’t be seen when you close your eyes, and it doesn’t show white when you open your eyes. It’s not to let others see how thick, deep, or wide your line is, but to fill it in. The gaps between the eyelashes make the eyelashes thicker and the eyes look lively, which is different from the previous eyeliner. It is pretentious, but not exaggerated.

The color contact line made by our sculpting craftsmen is natural, and will eventually have a misty supernatural effect. It can have a state of closed eyes without traces, open eyes with spirit, and eyes with no makeup will also be very spirited.

Share the knowledge of semi-permanent eyebrows, eyes and lips every day, welcome everyone to follow me. If you have any questions, you can leave a comment.

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