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Your demeanor of the tattoo artist affects the grade of the tattoo shop!

by:Qinmei     2022-04-24

The tattoo industry is a typical service industry. When receiving customers, etiquette is very important. The professional etiquette of receiving customers can improve the credibility and reputation of the tattoo shop. As the tattoo artist is the most important image symbol of the tattoo shop, the management of the tattoo artist's image and manners must be strictly controlled, from the tattoo artist's standing, walking and sitting posture, to the conversation and reception during the conversation with the guests and the service process. And so on, every little detail is to build the consumer's excellent service quality of this tattoo shop and the grade of the tattoo shop.

Reception First Impression • Sitting Posture

As the saying goes, 'Standing has a standing posture, and sitting has a sitting postureCultivation and temperament are more representative of an attitude-professionalism. Just imagine, when the tattoo shop has no customers for a while, the tattoo artist sits recklessly or even indecently. If there are customers passing by at this time, what will she think of the tattoo artist in the store? What would she think of this tattoo shop? Is it professional enough to support her beauty consumption? As a professional beauty service, tattoo embroidery runs through the entire process of service, and the word “professional” should not be underestimated. The tattoo artist in the tattoo shop, on the basis of sitting dignified and elegant, smiles and welcomes customers from all over the world. Such a tattoo artist is not only popular with consumers, but also loved by the boss, because she is the best for this shop. The tattoo shop has established a beautiful and professional external image. The second step of reception • Walking posture

Train the tattooist on the standing and walking posture. Some people may say 'exaggeratedWhen entering a tattoo shop, the tattoo artist needs to greet them for reception - guests must stand up and say hello at the front desk when they enter the shop, and when guests leave, they must get up and take them to the door or the elevator (help press the elevator button). At this time, it is another link to test the demeanor of the tattoo artist. What would a person look like if the tattoo artist had a hunched back? - Not confident and unprofessional. If you are a consumer, are you willing to hand over your beauty and health to such a tattoo artist? The horror answer is self-evident. When an embroiderer is standing, it is best to hold your head high, stretch your shoulders and back, and be generous. In this way, you will naturally exude a confident light, so that your clients can rest assured to give themselves to you. The third step of reception • Conversation

When the embroiderer's 'superficial skills' are all in place, then the most critical part is to receive customers, understand their needs through communication, and provide services. By doing this, the tattoo artist can add points to the tattoo shop: the tattoo artist uses polite language, has a cordial and amiable attitude, has a clear language, and has a coordinated intonation, flexibly matches the existing services and products in the store, and recommends service items according to the needs of customers.

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