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How to choose machine lip VS manual lip tattoo?

How to choose machine lip VS manual lip tattoo?


How to choose machine lip VS manual lip tattoo?

In the tattoo industry, lip tattooing is very popular among women because it can not only change the color of the lips but also improve the lip lines.

But many tattoo artists have begun to encounter a problem, that is, how to choose between machine tattoo and hand tattoo, and which one is good! In fact, both machines and manual lip tattoos have their own advantages and disadvantages. Anyone with high skills can get a beautiful lip without being restricted by machines or handwork.

But for the tattoo master, the basic skills of tattooing are to master both manual and machine tattooing.

Let me explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of machine and manual lip tattoos for your reference.

Advantages of machine lips
1.The machine runs stably and the coloring speed is fast, saving most of the operating time.

2. The needle rate is high, and the corners of the mouth, fine lines and other details can be evenly colored, reducing the problem of color difference

3. The machine is easier to outline the lines, making the lips more perfect and three-dimensional

Disadvantages of machine lips
1. The speed of the machine is fast, and the unsure of the strength can easily lead to problems such as bleeding

2. Need to strictly control the needle depth during operation to avoid serious scab formation

3. If the lip tattoo is wrong, it will be difficult to modify later

It is easy to empty the needle when it is not often dipped in the color material


Advantages of handmade lips

1. The speed of lip tattooing is completely controlled by yourself, which can effectively reduce the error rate

2. The depth of needle insertion is easy to control, the degree of skin damage is light, and the color retention is more natural

The repair period is short, not easy to swell, and can effectively reduce the infection rate


Disadvantages of manual lip tattoo

1. Manual operation is more laborious

2. The corners of the mouth, fine lines and other details are not easy to get needles, and it is easy to cause uneven coloring

3. Black lips and dark lips are not easy to penetrate and color, causing color change failure.

There is not much difference between machine and manual lip tattooing. If your tattoo technique is not proficient, you can choose from the following aspects.

Suitable for machine lips: black lips, dark lips, dark lips and other darker lips

Suitable for hand-painted lips: brighten lip color

Whether it is machine or hand, you need to pay attention to the following points when tattooing your lips

1. The lip-shaped design cannot be separated from the original lip by more than 2mm

2. Dip a small amount of pigment several times to avoid empty needles

3. The needle depth should be shallow and the density should be large, so that the color is more uniform

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