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The 56th Guangzhou Beauty Expo ended perfectly, reviewing the wonderful moments of the beauty exhibition

The 56th Guangzhou Beauty Expo ended perfectly, reviewing the wonderful moments of the beauty exhibition


The 56th Guangzhou Beauty Expo ended perfectly, reviewing the wonderful moments of the beauty exhibition

Hello, friends, in the past few days, we have participated in the 56th China (Guangzhou) International Beauty Expo.

The scene is very grand. During the exhibition, we held two large-scale events, such as free eyelash curling experience, on-site explanations by senior tattoo artists and practical demonstrations, etc., which attracted many beauty buyers to visit. Lets review this exhibition. The grand occasion!

The products on display cover two categories: Wenxiu and beauty. Among them, Wenxiu exhibits include Wenxiu machines, Wenxiu consoles, Wenxiu pigments, Wenxiu repairs and other tattoo products, and the beauty exhibits include corners. Protein eyelash curling products, high-quality eyebrow pencils and red lip cream, etc., the exhibits attracted most of the buyers to stop and visit the scene. Many buyers also tried the products in person, and the buyers after the trial were even more complimented.

The main product of our exhibition-eyelash perm set box,-has a variety of styles. One of ours is pretty! The eyelash sleeves have the highest sales volume among the eyelash sleeves this time. Not only the effect is good, but the tools are also very complete, which is very popular with everyone. This product also has free eyelash curling activities on site. Many buyers have placed orders after experiencing it.

In addition, our machine experience is also very popular. During the exhibition, we also invited professional tattoo artists to come to the site for practical exercises and share tattoo knowledge with everyone. This machine is very high-quality from appearance to function. In the actual operation, it instantly attracted many colleagues from the beauty industry to come to onlookers to learn and exchange, detonating the atmosphere of the audience.

Not only that, during our exhibition, we also launched a new type of tattoo pigment experience set. There are many styles of pigments, including liquids, pastes, emulsions, etc., with a complete range of styles.

This time, Qingmei’s products are not only favored by old customers, but also by new customers, and won the recognition of the majority of beauty industry counterparts. Many of them have ordered on-site and reached long-term cooperation intentions, adding another beauty to Qingmei Colors. At this point, the Guangzhou Beauty Expo ended perfectly!


The end is not the end, but a new beginning!

Love Beauty will continue to innovate products and services, and create a new chapter in the beauty industry with you.

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