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Learn to line eyebrows tattoo in three minutes? Impossible!

Learn to line eyebrows tattoo in three minutes? Impossible!


Do you often see endless exaggerated advertisements such as "Learning to Line Eyebrows tattoo in Three Minutes"? Think about it carefully, it took a few seconds to drink saliva, could you learn it in three minutes? Line eyebrows are not simple paintings. It has certain technical difficulties. It is necessary to consider not only the color retention rate in the later period, but also the maintenance time. These contents cannot be mastered in just three minutes. We all know that there are two types of line eyebrows, manual lines and machine lines. So what are the advantages of machine line eyebrows over manual line eyebrows? Let me share with you now:

    Because it is easier to master the line eyebrows by hand, many tattoo artists now use manual pens to tattoo the line eyebrows. Although the manual line eyebrows are quick to get started, the technical requirements of the tattoo artist are very strict, because when the technique is not mature, the operation is easy to be unstable, and the line eyebrows are often broken and halo. If the operation is too deep, it will cause endless cases of red and blue eyebrows!

So what are the advantages of machine-operated line eyebrow technology compared to manual pens?

1. The coloring is more solid.

The machine has a very fast needle ejection speed, which can fully bring the pigment into the skin, so that the color will be very solid, and there is no need to worry about the problem of no color retention or intermittent color retention in the later stage. Therefore, it is especially suitable for tattoo artists who often have poor color retention when doing line eyebrows.

1. Operational efficiency is higher.

Because of the fast needle ejection speed, when you master it, the speed of the line you tattoo will be greatly improved, and the efficiency of operating the eyebrow will be greatly improved.

2. Easier to grasp the depth of needle insertion

The needle ejection speed and rotation speed of the machine are constant under normal circumstances, so when the machine moves the needle, it is pulled by, which is different from the slow stroke of a manual pen. Therefore, it can ensure the depth and uniformity of the needle into the skin. .

3. The arc of the line is more flexible

When drawing arcs by hand, if the operation strength is not stable, the skin opening is likely to be different in width, and the needle speed of the machine is stable. When a single needle is used to walk the line, the skin opening of the curved line can be guaranteed to be consistent. Therefore, do The arc will be more uniform, natural and full of agility.

Does the machine operating line eyebrows have higher requirements for the machine?

The answer is yes!

For machine operation of eyebrows tattoo, the choice of instrument is very important. It is necessary to choose a machine with stable needle output. The stability here includes: stable needle length, stable speed, consistent needle direction, etc. Let me share with you this machine: High quality Eyebrows Tattoo Machine.

Lock the needle firmly and stably release the needle

Stable speed, multiple options

High-speed operation, stable operation

The performance of the machine is very good, there will be no inkjet, shaking, very easy to operate, most tattoo artists like to use it to operate the line eyebrows, the effect is very good!

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