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What supplies do I need for microblading?

What supplies do I need for microblading?


What Tools do I need for microblading?

This is the question people asked most. What I need to parpred for the microblading? 

Having the right equipemnt is essential for the work. Not only for the beginner but also for the artist. 

Chinese have an old saying--Sharpening the axe will not interfere with the cutting of firewood.

It means that if u want to do a good work, then the prepartion is very important.

So today we will share something about this. 

1.The first step we need to prepare is the gloves and the mask. A necessary step when you do the operation for protecting yourself and the clients.

You may wish to opt for latex-free gloves to avoid any adverse reactions. They can be purchased in different sizes for a comfortable fit and can be disposed of accordingly after treatments.

2.Microblading Manual Pen

There have many different kinds of microblading manual pen in the market. You can choose the style you want. This one is very popular I recommend you. Double head can be used for eyebrow, And there have 6colors for u to choose. 

Aluminum material,high quality and good price. Good hand feeling and convenient to use. In addition,it can apply with many different microblading needle,such flat needle,round needle,light-oxygen needle and roller needle.

3.Micro blade is needed when u do the tattoo operation.

There have the 0.16/0.18mm /0.25mm and other thickness can be chose.

And u blade, pin blade u can use for the manual pen. For more , click here to choose--Micro blade

4. Plastic wrap also necessary during the time. We need to cover the plastic film after we put the pigment or cream after we do the operation.

200metres can used for a long time and can used for many clients. If u want to make your own logo on it, we also can accpet the customized style.

To know more, you can check this link---Plastic wrap

5.During the tattoo operation, we also need to prepare the cotoon pads. To remove the pigment or cream.

And this thing need to be disposable.Cause it is used for our skin, should be safe.Click here to know more--Cotton pads

6.A good and safe pigment also very important to the tattoo effect.

You need to choose a suitable color for the clients. We need to choose the color according to the skin color and the sitution of clients.

Like Asia people, we always will choose light color for her/him. And Africa people we will choose deep color for them. Such as deep brown.

In additon, we need to pay attention to the ingredient of the pigment/ink. Our pigment is made by the plant, and we have the report. So don't worried about the security.

6.Pigment cup/ink cup also needed. Disposable used is good for the pigment and the clients.

We have different materials for your. Like plastic and silicone material.

And there also have different sizes, small, medium and large.

For more details, you can visit our website.

7.Aftercare cream is a final but essential step.

Depending on your preference for wet or dry healing, aftercare ointment can be given to the client to take home after their appointment.

Clients can apply the ointment multiple times a day using a clean cotton bud each time to promote healthy healing and colour retention.

GuangZhou QingMei Cosmetics Ltd,. Co is a profession company which is producing the permanent makeup products for 16years.So for more details about the tattoo products you can check in our wesite.https://www.qmmakeup.com/

If you are just starting out in microblading we hope you have found this useful and wish you the best of luck in growing your PMU business!

If you are a professional artist, you can try to test our products, I think you will be satisfied!

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