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Best tattoo assistant--Wireless Digital Permanent Makeup Machine Set

Best tattoo assistant--Wireless Digital Permanent Makeup Machine Set


In addition to mastering skilled techniques, a tattoo artist also needs to have a high-quality tattoo machine in order to operate the desired effect. There are many types of machines on the market, and the quality of each machine is different. However, for the selection of the machine, the most critical points are nothing more than the speed of the machine, the stability of the needle, and the size of the noise. Here is an introduction to this best tattoo machine:

  1.  Machine panel

The panel of this machine set adopts the latest technology and is equipped with precise parts to create the best operation mode.

(1) Intelligent digital control panel: According to the needs of tattoo and skin management, different function buttons are designed and the standard files are preset. The functions are eyebrows, eyes, lips, and MTS. Customers can select functions and adjust the number of gears according to their needs. In addition, the screen buttons of the panel adopt a touch-screen button design, which is more sensitive to the touch screen compared with the general button-type button design.

(2) High-energy storage battery: Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery in the panel has a battery capacity of up to 4000mAh. It can work continuously for 32 hours when it is fully charged, and it will not be hot after continuous use. When the built-in battery is low, you can connect the power cord to continue working.

(3) Simultaneous operation of two machine pens: Designed with A/B function, which can be connected with two handle pens at the same time to perform different functions. Press the "A/B" button to transfer the pens, which is very convenient for operation.

(4) 10 speeds: each function is preset with the standard number of speeds, but the tattoo artist can adjust it by himself, and the maximum speed is the tenth speed.

2.Machine pen

(1) The machine adopts ergonomic design, the body has smooth lines, which conforms to the daily pen-holding habits of the human body, and the operation is more flexible. The shell of the machine is made of aluminum alloy, which is durable and wear-resistant and prolongs its service life.

(2) The body is designed with a needle scale ring, which can accurately adjust the length of the needle. The scale is 0-2.5mm, which can meet various operation items.

(3) The machine performance is stable, the coloring speed is fast, and it can be operated for a long time without getting hot.

(4) The machine uses cartridge needles with a wide variety of tattoo needles, which can cater to all kinds of beauty needs.


In addition, our company also has many machine sets of this type of machine. If you want to learn more about machines, you can continue to follow us, click on the link below to enter our official website, and you are welcome to come and consult.

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