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Are you bothered by choosing the color of the Eyebrow tattoo pigment? Here are the solution for your problems!

Are you bothered by choosing the color of the Eyebrow tattoo pigment? Here are the solution for your problems!


As we all know, in tattoos, eyebrow tattooing is a very popular item, but each person’s skin tone, face structure and hair color are different, so if you want to make a three-dimensional natural eyebrow shape and color choice of pigments  is very critical.

Among them, the eyebrows generally have three colors: the rough hair is black, the fine hair is gray, and the shade of the hair is brown. Different people have different colors for different people, so how do we choose the right tattoo pigments?

The following are some basic knowledge of pigments, which every permanent makeup artist should master.

(1) Types of pigments

Before the permanent makeup operation, we need to understand the different uses of the color of the pigment, only in this way can it help us to better choose the right color.

Light pink: Fade deep eyebrows, change not very deep blue eyebrows, do naked lips, change black lips

Smoky black: Dark color, suitable for man's eyebrows or eyeliner tattoo.

Emperor Black: Special for eyeliner tattoos, generally not used for eyebrow tattoos.

Black coffee: Suitable for man's eyebrows. It can be used to cover light blue eyebrows and red eyebrows. It is the eyebrow tattoo color that most people choose.

Dark coffee: Dark color, reddish in color. It is often used for eyebrow tattoos and toning.

Brown coffee: Suitable for people with light and sparse eyebrows. It can be used as water mist eyebrows.

Dark brown gray: Man's eyebrows can be used alone, woman's dark eyebrows can be used.

Mocha Grey: Suitable for eyebrow tattoos for people with yellowish skin or reddish skin.

Grey coffee: Suitable for man's eyebrows, natural color.

Light coffee: Light color, suitable for people who pursue natural eyebrows.

Taupe: Generally used for covering or toning. After tattooing the eyebrows, if you operate it lightly with taupe, the eyebrows will have a translucent texture, and the effect will be more natural and three-dimensional.

Skin color: The extra parts during the concealing process can be divided into shades and can be selected according to the color of the skin or mixed with each other.

Green coffee: Used to change red eyebrows

Orange coffee: Used to change blue eyebrows


(2) The color principle of eyebrows

1. There are a lot of thick and hard eyebrows on the brow area, and the color is relatively dark. At this time, you can use Taupe to get a soft texture, so that the thick black eyebrows can be more detailed.

2. Because the eyebrows are sparse and soft at the top of the eyebrows, darker lines need to be used to create the same texture as the front eyebrows to achieve overall eyebrow coordination.

3. Both sides of the eyebrow peak are the parts with the most eyebrows. It is necessary to tattoo fluffy, so that there is a harmonious transition between the eyebrows and the tip of the eyebrows.

4. People who like to wear heavy makeup can use dark color pigments.

5. People who don't often make up or who don't wear makeup can use light-colored pigments.

(3) The coordination of skin color and pigment

Harmonious coordination is the first element of tattoo art. Although individuals have different understandings on this, there is one basic matching method in common: black hair with mocha gray, brown hair with black coffee, yellow hair with dark coffee, gray hair with natural gray.

Skin colour

Hair color


Recommended color

Dark and brown


Dark-skinned eyebrows are tattooed with black and brown, which looks soft and healthy; when changing eyebrows or darker colors, it is recommended to use a lighter color for the base, and black and brown for the heavy color area.

Black coffee, imperial black, dark coffee, smoky black



Suitable for customers who require a deep color, it is recommended to match with a light color base, and a dark coffee to take the heavy color area

Dark coffee, mocha gray, dark brown gray



The reddish brown color can make the pale skin tone show  color came into the skin, so the brown color is more suitable for people with white faces and those who pursue natural makeup.

Light coffee, brown coffee, gray coffee



Suitable for the general public

Brown coffee, gray coffee

(4) Coordination of age and pigment

1. People under 28 years of age.

Lighter coffee and black coffee are often used to harmonize the skin tone and look healthy and full of vitality. The ratio is one light coffee to one black coffee, and the color after tattooing is full of youth and beauty.

2. Between 28 and 38 years old

Women: Strong femininity, brave to try various styles of makeup, the eyebrow color should be darker, but more romantic, the color ratio is two parts of black coffee and one part of mocha ash.

Men: Men are more mature and suitable for darker colors. For eyebrow tattoos, dark coffee, black coffee or smoky black can be used to show a steady posture.

3.38~50 years old

Women: Most of them are in the role of mothers, and the maternal love is fully revealed. The eyebrow tattoo color should be soft and feminine, and the eyebrow tattoo should be dark brown.

Male: Most of them are in the role of fathers, acting as the pillars of the family. Eyebrow tattoos should tend to have a strong temperament. Black coffee, imperial black, brown coffee and other colors can be used.

4. People Over 50 years of age.

 You can use lighter gray coffee or light coffee to coordinate with the thinning and whitish hair.

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