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Is the Ink Easy to Spoil? You Need to Use the Following Maintenance

Is the Ink Easy to Spoil? You Need to Use the Following Maintenance


I wonder if you in the tattoo industry have ever heard of the situation of "ink become blue, not easy to color and not easy to save"?

If the product quality of the pigment is poor, its shelf life will be relatively short, and the effect of use will be poor. There are many patterns of permanent makeup pigments on the market now, and the quality is also different, which also makes it difficult to distinguish the quality of good from bad. In fact, most of the current ink will not have very big problems, so in addition to identifying the quality of the product when buying ink, the maintenance of the ink also needs to be very important. This time we will introduce the maintenance methods  of ink. 

As we all know, permanent makeup ink are divided into three states: paste, emulsion and liquid, but the maintenance methods for each state of the pigment are different.

(1) The fluidity of the emulsion pigment is relatively moderate, but it will be thicker and easy to precipitate when standing still, just like a paste. In this case, it needs to be stored at room temperature, and the ambient temperature cannot be too high or low.

(2) The paste pigment is solid in a static state and has little fluidity, but as the temperature rises, the water in the paste pigment will be absorbed, and then it will dry and crack, and it is easy to stir. So it needs to be stirred constantly when it is used up, and try to seal it when not in use.

(3) The liquid ink has very strong fluidity and is suitable for machines, and the effect is very good, but if it is stored improperly, the ink will become lighter for a long time, and the color will not be good in the later stage. If it is a poor-quality ink, discoloration may occur. Of course, maintenance needs to pay attention to methods. After use, the ink will deteriorate if it is not stored in time.

The following are the precautions for pigment storage:

1. Keep away from fire, avoid direct sunlight or exposure, and place in a well-ventilated place, otherwise the high temperature will easily cause the blending agent in the ink to evaporate, which is very easy to deteriorate.

2. Avoid storing in a dark and humid place. When placed in this environment, the outer surface of the bottle body is easy to breed bacteria, which will cause bacteria to invade after opening.

3. Don't put it in the refrigerator to refrigerate or freeze, because the temperature is too low and it will easily cause the deterioration of the ink. The normal storage temperature is 20-26°C.

4. Do not expose the ink to the air at will after use. It should be capped and tightened in time to avoid mixing of sundries in the air, so as not to accelerate the deterioration of the permanent makeup ink.

5. After use, the cap of the ink bottle must be tightened, and the excess color of the bottle mouth should be wiped with medical alcohol to prevent the ink from blocking the bottle mouth, so as not to affect the next use.

In addition, we also recommend our QM permanent pigments, which not only have a good coloring effect, but also have a very long storage time.

For example, this airless bottle permanent makeup pigment, special bottle body design can ensure that the inside of the bottle holder is kept vacuum, so that the product does not come into contact with air and bacteria during the use period, avoiding contact with air to oxidize and deteriorate the product, and maintain freshness the product for a long time and easy to take out the required products quantitatively. 

In addition, this pigment is a creamy pigment, which can be used not only for machine operation, but also for manual operation. A bottle of 15ml can be used for machine line eyebrows, as well as manual fogging eyebrows, eyeliner and lip tattoos...

In addition, we provide packaging design (OEM and ODM services) of this pigment. The more you order, the more favorable the price.

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