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4 ways to help you get wild eyebrows without leaving color

by:Qinmei     2023-05-18

In the past two years, wild eyebrows have become popular in the market, with high demand and high unit prices. The wild eyebrows made by many tattoo artists do not retain color well, with fading, mottled, and many customer complaints. Want to know why your wild eyebrows don't keep color well? What is the remedy? At the end, the solution is ready for you!

1. Needle insertion is too shallow or too deep

When operating, the technique is too light, the depth of the needle only reaches the stratum corneum or the transparent layer, and the color just floats on the skin surface. When the customer exercises, sweats, cleans and scrubs, the color will slowly fade away.

The manipulation was too heavy, the needle was inserted too deep, and the wound on the skin surface was large, so that the skin formed a thick scab during recovery, and when the scab fell off, it took away the color.

The best skin penetration depth for semi-permanent projects is to reach the basal layer, which is only 0.1 to 0.2 mm thick. It requires continuous practice to accurately grasp the strength.


When performing the second color supplement for the customer, the strength of the line should be adjusted according to the previous operation. After one line is drawn, if the color is found to be lighter, then do superimposition, and so on.

It must be noted that it is better to have a light color than a deep one. The light color can be superimposed, and there is no remedy for the deep one.

2. Slow coloring and fast metabolism of oily skin

The customer's skin is oily, and the oil is more, the color will be slower; the cuticle will fall off quickly, and the metabolism of the colorant in the skin will be accelerated. In the process of frequent face washing, the pigment will be slowly taken away.


Before the operation, use an exfoliating gel to clean up the waste cuticles. It is recommended to use liquid coloring material with better coloring, and the color can be superimposed multiple times during operation, and the needle insertion force should be heavier than that of dry and mixed skin.

Be careful not to make it too deep at one time, and don't promise customers that you can make it perfect at one time. The effect of oily skin will be better after the second layer of complementary color.

3. Improper post-care,

Many customers do not pay attention to nursing care after returning home, and do not follow the nursing steps instructed by the tattoo artist. They feel that it is troublesome not to apply post-operative repair, and spicy and greasy food is not taboo at all. Once the excessive secretion of eyebrow tissue fluid, redness, and inflammation are caused, it will affect the color retention in the later stage.


Timely return to the customer's eyebrow condition in the later stage, and tell the customer to repair it in time. If there are abnormal problems such as redness and swelling, you can use eyebrow clearing, cover with plastic wrap and apply it for 15 minutes, and then use ointment or anti-inflammatory drugs for the symptoms.

4. Tool problem

Many informally produced pigments have not undergone strict quality control, and the properties of the pigments are not stable enough. Changes in temperature, humidity, and skin quality will accelerate the decomposition of the pigments.

If the cotton sheet wiped in the middle has too much moisture, it will dilute the concentration of the colorant and take away most of the colorant. The speed and penetration of the machine used are not enough, and the above-mentioned problems caused by too shallow insertion of the needle will also occur.


It is recommended to choose natural plant pigments - liquid emulsion pigment kits for machine line eyebrows, which are fast in coloring, good in color retention, and guaranteed in the later stage. The operating customer prepares the cotton sheet in advance, squeezes out the water, and fully moistens it.

I hope my sharing can help everyone. If you have any questions, sisters can leave a message in the comment area.

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