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Boss, is the atmosphere of your tattoo studio right?

by:Qinmei     2022-04-16

The environment of the storefront is to satisfy its own positioning and the customer's experience, and the two need to achieve a balance. Hearing: After customers enter the store, all they hear, including the voice of conversation, content and playing music, play different music in different areas of the store. For example, the operation room is soft and textured music, and the bathroom is blues music. At the same time, Music should also have layers, not all softness.

Smell: that is, what we smell, such as incense, flowers, etc.

Taste: tea, snacks, including drinking cups, should have texture, not A water glass. Let customers experience your theme through taste.

Tactile sense: The customer changes shoes when they enter the store, sits on the stool, lies on the bed, touches the customer's face during operation, etc. The sense of touch is a very deep inner psychological need of a person.

Balance of Yin and Yang in the environment: Yang: The decoration is resplendent, tall, and has a strong impact on customers Yin: The yang of water, flowers and plants is greater than the yin, giving customers a certain sense of authority, but for a long time It is not good for customers; yin is greater than yang, so that customers are willing to be with you, but at the same time the negative emotions of customers will be mobilized.

Visual visual marketing: what customers see is vision; it includes four aspects, color, image, text, flowers (soft decoration) What you need to grasp are: 1. Your consumer group Who is she and what does she want? 2. Who is the potential consumer group and what does she want? 3. What are the irreplaceable elements in the space? Principles for the use of colors: 1. Unify 2. Contrast 3. Everything in the same color system must meet the core elements of the golden section ratio tattoo functional area: service, practicality, artistic beauty The areas that a store needs to have are: front desk, rest area, brand culture display area, consultation area, team display area, operation area, publicity display area at the entrance, office area, and employee rest area. If there is not enough space in the store, some areas can be overlapped. , but it needs to be emphasized that the operation and storage are separated, and things that are sensitive to business, such as repairs, should be placed in the storage room. As the saying goes: 'Buddhas rely on gold clothes, people rely on clothesIf an embroidery shop wants to attract the attention of passersby, attract customers, promote consumption, and increase the price, in addition to technology, word of mouth, service, sales skills and other factors, decoration is also a very important factor. In addition, factors such as technology, word of mouth, service, and sales skills cannot be perceived by a stranger, but the decoration is her first impression of the store, so it is particularly important.

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