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Dos and Don'ts and Tips for Coloring Oily Skin

by:Qinmei     2022-11-27

Oily skin is a very difficult problem for tattooists, especially for novices, it is a difficult problem to deal with oily skin well. You must have certain skills. In terms of technical control, the needle is too deep , and afraid of hurting the customer's skin, the needle is too shallow, and there is no coloring at all. The following semi-permanent training will introduce in detail what should be paid attention to when oily skin is difficult to color.

Skin type for oily skin:

Oily skin refers to strong oil secretion, oily forehead and nose, large pores, blackheads, thick and rough cortex. The appearance is dark yellow, the skin is alkaline, the elasticity is better, and it is not easy to age. Skin absorbs UV rays easily.

Big problems for oily skin:

Oil secretion is strong, pores are enlarged, and the cuticle is thick. There are those that are easy to fade and fade, and those that are easy to change and fade. The machine operation is not easy to color, and the color should be blurred.

Analysis of oily skin color difficult problem:

Oily skin tends to secrete excess oil to degrade the active ingredients in the skin, resulting in difficulty in coloring.

Precautions for oily skin coloring

Technique: Because oily skin is difficult to apply color, the needle density should be increased during the semi-permanent operation, and it should be a little darker than other skins, so that the color can be buried deeper.

Needle piece: Some novices have insufficient experience and do not know how to adjust the length of the needle, which will also cause difficulty in coloring. In addition to mastering the basic knowledge of Korean semi-permanent makeup technology, you must be familiar with the length of the exposed needle tip.

Pigment: If the pigment is too thick or too light, it will not be easy to color. Solution: The semi-permanent technician must master the degree of the color material, or re-select the color

Shade: When doing Korean semi-permanent, you need to master the depth of the needle, too deep or too shallow will make it difficult to color. Solution: According to the skin of different customers, master the depth of the needle.

Angle: In the process of making Korean-style semi-permanent, you must grasp the angle well. If the angle is wrong, it will also make it difficult to paint. Solution: Adjust the angle and follow the direction of the needle tip of the instrument. This is also a test of the semi-permanent technician's skills.

Anesthesia: Insufficient anesthesia time will cause poor capillary contraction, resulting in difficulty in coloring. If you encounter such a situation, it is recommended to slightly prolong the anesthesia time

Auxiliary coloring skills for oily skin

1. Deep cleaning

The so-called oily skin refers to those with a relatively high oil production rate and prone to sweating and oiliness on the face. Before the operation, clean the operation site many times. For the eyebrows, you can use alcohol cotton balls to wipe it several times, and try to wipe off the oil and part of the cuticle.

2. Select tools

For customers with oily skin, it is recommended to use machines and single-needle operations. Generally speaking, the machine is more direct and straightforward to implant the pigment into the skin than manual.

It is better to use a single needle than a blunt needle, because the single needle is thin, and the contact surface with the skin is relatively thin during operation, so the pigment can be implanted more directly.

3. Needle movement elements

Oily skin needs to increase the density of the needle during the operation, and it should be a little deeper than other skins, so that the pigment can be buried deeper.

Be careful, don't apply too much depth for the sake of coloring to cause halo. In addition, the speed of needle movement is correspondingly slower, which can effectively reduce the chance of empty needle movement.

4. Color application assistance

After finishing the operation, don't rush to wipe off the coloring material immediately. On the contrary, you can apply a layer of coloring material on the operation site, and stay for about 5-10 minutes.

The process of applying color helps the colorant to more fully contact with the skin, increasing the chance of coloring.

5. Color selection

In the choice of pigments, customers with oily skin can choose pigments with higher permeability. Common pigment forms are: paste, milk, liquid. Personally, I suggest that you can choose color milk to operate.

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