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Faced with different lip shapes, how should tattoo artists design?

by:Qinmei     2022-04-15

Everyone wants their lips to be sexy and attractive, so they spend a long time every day taking care of their lips. Every girl will carry a lipstick in her bag, which shows the importance of lip color! However, frequent makeup touch-ups are also very troublesome, and long-term use of lipstick may also lead to some diseases! So is there a safe and fast way to do it once and for all? The case is lip bleaching!

Lip bleaching is to pierce the skin by tattooing, and use the tattoo liquid to change the light and shade relationship of the lips, outline the lip line and color the lips, so as to achieve the effect of correcting and beautifying the lips.

The semi-permanent lip balm has the characteristics of not being dissolved by water and general substances, which can save the trouble of applying lipstick every day, and will not damage the makeup due to swimming, sweating and other problems.

The lips are the most active part of the face, and a beautiful lip shape plays a very important role in the beautification of the entire facial features. Through the lip balm, it not only outlines the lip line that does not fade, but always gives a charming image of red lips, so it is favored by many women. The design of the lip shape must be considered in consideration of the individual's lip shape, face shape, nose shape, eye shape, age, skin color, etc. It is also very important to adjust the color of the lip colorant. It is necessary to configure the color suitable for the beauty-loving friends according to the skin color, lip color, age, occupation, etc. of the beauty-loving friends, so as to avoid the color being too exaggerated and gorgeous. Now take the following standard lip shapes as an example to demonstrate how to design when faced with different lip shapes: 1. Wide lip: When determining the lip shape when designing the lip shape, the corner of the mouth should be reduced as much as possible to form a lip A feeling of narrowing.

2. Narrow lips: When designing the lip shape, the corners of the mouth can be widened, and the lip line can be drawn on the extension of the original lip line to form a visual effect of wider lips. 3. Thick lips: When designing the lip shape, it is best to use a lip liner to determine the entire lip shape, and the lip line should be within the original lip line.

4. Thin lips: In the design, the lip line is properly drawn on the extension of the original lip line, and the upper and lower lip sections can be appropriately emphasized and brightened when coloring.

5. Hanging under the lip corner:

When designing, the upper lip lip line should be shortened properly and the lower lip lip line will be extended upward, so as to achieve the effect of lifting the corner of the mouth. In addition, if you have seasonal labial sores, you need to take related drugs before and after the operation to control the virus before the operation. After the semi-permanent treatment, according to the background color of the skin of different people, there will be different color effects after the 28-day color reversion period. Design a good luck lip that suits you with semi-permanent makeup and open the peach blossom!

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