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Five-point principles and operation skills of tattoo eyeliner

by:Qinmei     2022-11-23

The temptation of eyeliner makes many beauties want to stop. Tattoo artists are also constantly enriching their embroidery techniques, but there are always symptoms of eyeliner tattoos. Follow the five-point principles and operation skills of eyeliner tattooing, and the color contact liner is simply handy.

Five principles about eyeliner

1. The curvature of the eyeliner: The curvature of the eyeliner is consistent with the curvature of the root of the eyelashes.

2. The position of the eyeliner: The eyeliner is located at the root of the eyelashes and widens upwards.

3. The width of the eyeliner: the width of the upper eyeliner is 0.8-1mm.

4. The color of the eyeliner: the eyeliner should be extremely black. The color of the pigment should be selected according to the color of the iris. The oriental iris is mostly dark brown, so the dye solution is preferably black.

5. Eyeliner length: the length of the eyeliner depends on the size of the eyes

Five tips for tattooing eyeliner

1. The upper eyeliner should be tattooed at the root of the eyelashes. The inner end is thin and gradually widens outward. The tail should be at a certain angle, slightly elongated and slightly warped to increase the length of the eye cleft.

2. The lower eyeliner should be drawn on the inner side of the eyelash root, the outer side is slightly wider than the inner side, and the line must be thin and straight.

3. The inner side of the upper and lower eyeliner should be thinner, while the outer side should be thicker. Generally speaking, the ratio of width and thickness of the upper and lower eyeliner should be controlled at 7:3.

4. For those with small cracked faces, it is usually not recommended to draw the eyeliner too close to the eyelashes on the edge of the face, otherwise the cracked eyes will appear smaller and affect the beauty.

5. Follow the principle of 'rather narrow than wide, shallow rather than deep, and strive to be moderate' when tattooing.

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