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For semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos, it is very important to clarify these four points!

by:Qinmei     2023-05-16

To tattoo eyebrows, if you want to have good eyebrows, you must understand these four points!


What suits others may not necessarily suit you

Some people make eyebrow openings just to give me eyebrows that are exactly the same as a certain star. Everyone has different facial features and face shapes, and the suitable eyebrow shapes are also different. You must know that what suits others may not necessarily suit you.


Eyebrows have no absolute symmetry

'Why do the eyebrows look different from left to right?' Remember, no matter how tall a master is, he can't make completely symmetrical eyebrows. The eyebrows can only be relatively coordinated, because everyone's eyebrow growth itself is relatively symmetrical, and the height of the eyebrow peak is also the same. Relatively symmetrical. Not only the eyebrows, but also the size of the two eyes are different, it is good to look natural and comfortable.


The formation of the final effect of eyebrows requires a process

After the eyebrows are finished, there are scabs, scabs, and color reversion. In the middle of scabs, the color will increase. After scabs, some people will leave uneven or lighter colors (everyone’s skin quality is different.) also different). This is all normal. After 28 days, there will be a color-returning period, after which the final effect of eyebrow customization will appear. For those who care about this, please be mentally prepared in advance!


It is more secure to listen to the opinions of professional tattoo artists

Regarding the length and height of the eyebrows, the height and length of the eyebrows are all particular. It is not just as long as you want. I hope you can listen to the advice of a professional tattoo artist, and of course you can have special requirements.

a successful pair of eyebrows

Take a closer look, nothing is exactly the same

The overall facial features coordination is the best eyebrows

Why do senior tattoo artists pay attention to the overall harmony and nature, but many people tend to get into dead ends, looking for differences in comparison, because everyone will have natural brows and brow bones, uneven temples, big and small faces, and expressions Brow muscles and brow muscles lead to asymmetric eyebrows. In fact, others will only look at the overall harmony and beauty of the face, and whether the temperament is improved.

The eyebrow shape can be solved by eyebrow customization to achieve the desired effect, but it is difficult to achieve complete uniformity and symmetry. In fact, a completely symmetrical eyebrow looks rigid, so as long as there is no obvious deviation, the overall coordination is the most standard eyebrow.

Dear customers, it is very necessary to communicate with the tattoo artist before operation, and fully trust your tattoo artist. Experienced tattoo artists not only make good eyebrows, but can tailor-made for you Facial aesthetics and brow shape for character, allowing your makeup to achieve a real change and sublimation. Therefore, there is a kind of eyebrow tattoo and semi-permanent called eyebrow lip customization, which can customize your own eyebrows and lips.

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