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Four-step processing method of splayed eyebrows and high and low eyebrows in tattoo embroidery

by:Qinmei     2022-04-26

An imperfect brow shape will destroy a person's temperament and fortune. Tattoos are the best way to obtain a lasting perfect brow shape. Whether it is the early tattooed eyebrows, the early embroidered eyebrows, or the now very popular floating eyebrows, the following tattooing techniques can be used when modifying the eight-character eyebrows or different eyebrows: Before tattooing, make an overall eyebrow shape. Adjust, lower the eyebrows that are too high, raise the eyebrows that are too low, the short eyebrows should be lengthened, and the long eyebrows should be shortened. Refer to the standard position of the eyebrow shape and position each part of the eyebrow shape one by one, so as to make the eyebrow shape high and low. Coordinate lengths. In order to achieve a more perfect simulation effect, the embroidery should pay attention to the appropriateness of weight and depth, and pay attention to the virtual and real lines of the lines. In fact, trimming eyebrows with makeup can solve the situation of high and low eyebrows and make the face look more beautiful. Step 1: Draw the middle axis a. That is, the horizontal line a that runs through the longest eyebrows in the picture. How is the position of a determined? Connect the highest point of the low eyebrow and the lowest point of the high eyebrow. Step 2: Determine the brow line segments b1 and b2. b1 and b2 can not only determine the starting position of the brow, but also determine the width of the entire brow. How to determine this position? Take the bridge of the nose as the central axis, divide the two sides equally, and the width between b1b2 should not exceed the length of one eye. This avoids the problem of a slightly far distance between the two eyebrows. The longitudinal length of b1 and b2, with the a line as the midpoint, is divided into half up and down. Since the position of the a-line has been fixed, that is to say, whether you have high eyebrows or low eyebrows, you can use one-half of your own eyebrows.

Step 3: Determine points c1 and c2. That is, the position of the eyebrows. Usually the end of the eyebrow and the corner of the eye are on the same line and pass near the nose. The determination of the eyebrow tail also indirectly determines the length of the eyebrows, which is a further step in the fixation of the eyebrow shape. Step 4: Determine the points e1 and e2. That is, the position of the eyebrow peak. Usually the tail of the eyebrow and the periphery of the eyeball are in the same line and pass through the nose. Step 5: Connect the end of the eyebrow to the peak of the eyebrow. Step 6: Use d1 and d2 to connect the end of the eyebrow to the lower end of b1 and b2 respectively. Similarly, f1 and f2 connect the eyebrow peak with the upper ends of b1 and b2. In this way, the problem of high and low eyebrows is initially solved and the eyebrow shape has a very fixed control.

This is just a preliminary solution to the problem. There are a few more additions in the future, please be patient and read it. For the eyebrows that are not used after painting, that is, the eyebrows outside the eyebrow shape can be trimmed. Don't blindly fix before painting. In addition, if the wider eyebrows are prone to appear stiff, you can use the spiral eyebrow brush to brush open multiple times. It can not only increase the softness of wide brows, but also make the brow width more natural. Wide eyebrows can also be gentle. By trimming eyebrows with makeup, you can solve the situation of high and low eyebrows and make the face look more beautiful.

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