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Four ways to help you trim the discomfort after eyebrow tattoo

by:Qinmei     2022-05-04

What should I do if I regret having tattooed eyebrows? These four methods can help you trim your eyebrows.

Some people want to beautify their eyebrows by tattooing their eyebrows, but what if they regret it? To help you solve this problem, the editor has summarized four methods for you to help you trim your eyebrows, please check them out. What should I do if I regret having tattooed eyebrows? Tattooing eyebrows means that after drawing the eyebrow shape you want, a special needle is used to send the pigment into the eyebrows, so that the skin is colored, and finally the eyebrows you like are presented. Some people may regret tattooing their eyebrows after tattooing their eyebrows because the effect of the tattooing did not meet the expectations, the eyebrows were not in good shape, or the sequelae of the tattooing were followed. At this time, what method can be used to save our eyebrows? Summarize for you There are five great recipes: 1. Laser eyebrow washing uses light energy to disintegrate pigment and repair eyebrow shape, but its effect of repairing eyebrows is not 100% safe and effective. Beauty lovers should be careful to prevent skin burns and epilepsy. risk of traces. 2. When you regret tattooing your eyebrows, you can go to a professional executive agency to see a doctor. Ask the doctor to use a special medicine to wash your eyebrows. The medicine contains a quantitative depigmenting agent, which can quickly fade your eyebrows. 3. To completely improve the shape of your eyebrows, you can also remove some of the skin on the eyebrows through eyebrow cutting, redesign the shape of the eyebrows you want, and make your eye skin tighter! But be careful Yes, eyebrow incision requires surgery, which is not suitable for people with skin diseases and coagulation function. 4. When your tattooed eyebrows are small and the eyebrow color is lighter, we can adjust the eyebrow shape through makeup. Although this method is a bit troublesome, it can avoid all risks. How long does it take to wash off the eyebrows after tattooing? It is normal for people to want to wash the eyebrows after the tattoo is regretted, but how long does it take to wash off the eyebrows after the tattoo? The general recommendation of plastic surgeons and beauticians is that it is best for everyone to tattoo the eyebrows 1- I only washed my eyebrows after 3 months. When you can wash your eyebrows can be adjusted according to the recovery of your eyebrows and your physical condition, so it is best to consult a professional doctor before washing your eyebrows. How long does it take to recover after eyebrow washing? The recovery time after eyebrow washing is about half a month, but because everyone's physique, nursing methods and the degree of damage to the eyebrow area are different, the recovery time is also different. If you want to recover as soon as possible, Jojot It is recommended that you do the following: 1. After washing the eyebrows, take special care of the eyebrows before removing the scab, keep the eyebrows dry and clean, and try to avoid letting the wound touch the water. 2. Wait patiently for the scab to come off, do not tear the scab with your hands. 3. Pay attention to sun protection and avoid letting sweat soak the wound. 4. Peppers, seafood, beef, etc. are irritating foods and should not be eaten for the time being; coffee, soy sauce, cola and other dark-pigmented foods should not be eaten to avoid skin pigmentation. 5. Under the doctor's care and instruction, some medicines that are helpful for recovery can be used to treat the wound, such as anti-inflammatory drugs, antibacterial drugs, vitamins, etc.

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