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Half tattooed eyebrows: how to tattoo the eyebrows naturally?

by:Qinmei     2022-07-26

As for the brow processing method of the line eyebrow, just pay attention to the main line of the brow go smoothly, the direction and the radian are all handled well. Here are the different types of brow treatments:

Tattoo training


brows with few or no eyebrows

This type of brow, when taking the main line, should follow the direction of the original eyebrow growth on the brow.

If there is no eyebrows at all, follow the direction of hair growth on the eyebrows. The density of the lines is a little denser, but not too dense, it will look fake.

Tattoo training


The eyebrows of the brow grow outward (the middle of the forehead)

This type of brow line processing only needs to correct the direction of the line, that is, when the line is running, the direction of the line is slightly vertical.

But it can't be completely vertical, it needs to be slightly curved towards the eyebrow body, and individual single lines can be slightly longer.

Tattoo training


eyebrows thick eyebrows

This type of brow is easy to handle, you can directly fill in one or two auxiliary lines or small fluff lines in the original eyebrow gap or relatively sparse place without taking the main line.

The direction is also in the direction of the original eyebrow growth of the half tattooed brow.

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