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Have you collected the 5 bottles of lip pigments that tattoo artists must have in their lifetime?

by:Qinmei     2022-04-24

Hello, ladies and gentlemen~ It is said that lip colorants are the bullets of our long-lasting makeup artists. We must always carry them with us to feel safe. Today, I will take stock of the super popular makeup fixers. With these little babies, you can make more money with lip color, hurry up and collect it together!

1. Encounter No. 1 orange-red liquid/thin

Encounter No. 1 - Loli Orange, selected from the sunflower native to North America. Sunflowers represent bright sunshine and a positive attitude towards life. Simple and straightforward pursuit of the love of dreams and life. Not only a youthful color, but mainly used to transform black and dark lips.

Apply lightly to the lips and clients can perceive it as enticing as a peach, with a girly freshness and a womanly femininity.

2. Encounter No. 2 pink liquid/thin

Encounter No. 2 - rose powder, taken from roses, the earliest ancient Greeks used roses to represent the thoughts and vows of love. In the 19th century in the French royal family, people used her to express romantic love. Rose pink is a mellow pink, the most brilliant lip color. This bottle of Encounter No. 2 will enhance the complexion while making the overall makeup more natural, exuding an inadvertent healthy temptation, and the unprecedented plump color will comprehensively enhance the charm index of lips~

3. Rose Encounter No. 3 Pink liquid / Rare Encounter No. 3 - Barbie Powder, taken from Begonia flower, is a rose pink, Begonia flower, has been a famous flower for both refined and popular since ancient times, with the meaning of 'Jade Tang is rich and noble'. When the flowers are not blooming, the buds are red and bright, like rouge, and after blooming, they turn pink, like the dawn of dawn. Create makeup-free color. Choose color number 3 and add a charming smile, and you will instantly win the favor of your customers. It looks bright and warm at the same time, and it can also make the whole person healthier and more energetic.

4. Encounter No. 4 bright red liquid/thin

Encounter No. 4 - Queen Red, taken from the peony, the national flower of China, is regarded as the king of flowers. It has a unique leadership style, domineering, tenacity, one-sided, and has the characteristics of a queen. Pure Chinese red, it is unique, there is no one. Because of its high brightness, it is a warm, confident and feminine color. You know, red lips are always the most classic lip makeup. 5. Encounter No. 5 is a red liquid/thin.

Encounter No. 5 - Royal Sister Red. Choose roses from Bulgaria, which are recognized as good roses in the world. In ancient European myths and legends, roses were born at the same time as Venus, the god of love, representing 'sincere, strong love'. Mature, stable color, giving people a sense of security, noble but not luxurious.

Encounter No.5-Yu Jiehong ME Long-lasting Beauty

Because of its low saturation and dark red, it has a more presence and more momentum , almost a hundred percent of the temperament.

Did you know? These five popular lip colorants all come from the same box! This is the ME Encounter Kit we see below.

ME lip encounter series products incorporate the most beautiful flower elements in nature, and extract water-soluble natural pigments from plant petals. Let the lips and the color of the petals combine perfectly.

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