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High cheekbones and sunken temples? 3 eyebrow shapes to save your face shape!

by:Qinmei     2022-11-18

Many tattoo artists have a solid technical foundation, but there is always an indescribable feeling of dissatisfaction when looking at the eyebrows they make. In fact, the root cause is not the tattoo technique, but the failure to draw a more suitable eyebrow shape for the actual situation of the customer.

for example:

High cheekbones + zygomatic arches are also expanded and even temples are sunken


Are you bent?

Even if it's not right

It's too long

It's too short...it's not right...

High cheekbones are not suitable for eyebrow shape

Liu Tao has a typical face shape with high cheekbones, so today I will take Goddess Liu Tao as an example to conduct research on the shape of eyebrows with high cheekbones.

The sword eyebrow is not suitable, it highlights the shortcomings and does not fit the bone phase.

It is also inappropriate to raise eyebrows thinly, it is easy to appear worldly scheming

The flat eyebrows highlight the high cheekbones and the zygomatic arches expand

High cheekbones, the best 3 eyebrow shapes

A small angled brow arch, the length of the brow is only a little longer than the corner of the eye, not too short, but not too elongated. Eyebrow thickness is moderate.

The eyebrow shape is slightly thinner and lighter in color, creating a soft eyebrow shape and neutralizing the hard face shape.

Smooth brow shape with less prominent brow peaks

Very suitable for high cheekbones face

Can make facial lines softer

The color of wild eyebrows will be slightly heavier, and the length of the eyebrows can be properly elongated.

Use lines to create a tough style, full of aura.

It is because of the long eyebrows that the cheekbones can cover the flared cheekbones, but if the temples are not full and not suitable for long eyebrows, there will be a dilemma. Therefore, it is more appropriate for the tail of the eyebrow to be slightly longer than the tail of the eye! Remember to remember!! The most basic and most important step!

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