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How about tattooing eyebrows? Is it good to tattoo eyebrows?

by:Qinmei     2022-11-02

Are eyebrow tattoos good?

In fact, eyebrow tattooing is not so good, it will bring us more or less harm, and not everyone is suitable for eyebrow tattooing, eyebrow tattooing is very painful, eyebrow tattooing is the same as tattooing, and the paint must be passed through. The needle can colour the skin. Girls with sensitive skin should be careful, and people with scars should also pay attention to eliminate potential safety hazards.

There are many people who say that the effect of tattooing eyebrows is not good. Some people have two eyebrows, one on the left and one on the right, with different shapes and asymmetry; some people have very strange eyebrow colors; I got two black bugs, it can be said that the real Guan Erye is the same style“Lying silkworm eyebrow”. Therefore, eyebrow tattooing is not only a safety risk, but the final effect may not be guaranteed to be satisfactory. If you must tattoo your eyebrows, please communicate with the tattoo artist in advance to avoid these situations.

When girls decide to get eyebrow tattoos, they must avoid menstrual periods. During menstruation, girls' bodies will react when they are stimulated, and some girls will experience increased blood volume when tattooing their eyebrows.

How about tattooing eyebrows?

The tattooed eyebrows should be created according to the individual's brow, brow peak, brow tail, brow arch, brow bone, brow growth direction, muscle movement direction, orbital bone development outline, and the comprehensive proportion of the face.

The color of human hair is often a mixture of several colors, a little dark gray, and a little dark brown. Therefore, the color of the tattooed eyebrows should be suitable for the person. If the hair is darker and the skin is darker, use natural gray with one or two drops of black; if the hair is yellowish and the skin is whiter, use natural gray and one or two drops of brown. In the experiment, many beauticians only tattooed the eyebrows with a single dark gray or black color, so that the tattooed eyebrows would be unreal and unnatural, and the eyebrows would appear rigid and distorted.

Generally speaking, eyebrow tattooing is suitable for men and women with congenital sparse eyebrows or acquired partial loss of eyebrows, poor eyebrow shape, scars in the eyebrows, and uneven eyebrows. However, you can also take into account each person's skin color, overall face, aura, image, living environment, work needs, etc., and modify the beautiful eyebrow shape that suits you.

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