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How an Embroiderer Can Avoid Becoming a Salesperson Your Customers Hate!

by:Qinmei     2022-04-22

How tattoo artists can avoid being a salesperson that customers hate! In addition to making tattoos for customers, tattoo artists also undertake another important task in their daily work, which is to sell products and experience services to customers. Selling is a knowledge and one of the necessary skills for tattoo artists, but a common phenomenon in cross-border experience stores today is that customers do not accept the enthusiastic sales of tattoo artists, but instead feel disgusted. Why do customers hate tattoo artist sales? Now let's analyze why.

The sales method is too blunt Many people come to tattoo shops for beauty, health and enjoyment. In the process of beauty, customers are more willing to accept the advice of tattoo artists. The problem is that many embroiderers do not pay attention to sales skills, and sell to customers bluntly, which makes customers tired. For customers who come to buy for the first time, the tattoo artist is always too enthusiastic to sell, but when the tattoo artist does not understand the customer's needs, the customer will feel that the tattoo artist is not sincere and irresponsible. Embroiderers want to make customers feel that we are helping her solve problems, not selling products and cards. Lack of professional knowledge There are many kinds of beauty, nail art, and tattoo products. A tattoo shop may have several brands in use. If the tattoo artist himself does not understand the efficacy and use of the product, he will sell the card to customers, which is too much. Exaggerating the effect will make customers feel untrustworthy. If you want to build trust with customers, you must explain to customers in a fact-based manner, and even let customers experience the service through experience, which is more convincing than eloquently instilling things like him. Keeping up with customers and constantly introducing services is one of the most common mistakes tattoo artists make in sales. When customers ask to see the menu or look around the store to see the products, the tattoo artist will follow the customers closely. In the space, the products and services are introduced endlessly. This method looks very enthusiastic, but the tattoo artist closely follows the customer, especially when there is close physical contact, the customer will feel that they are being watched, and when the customer has no desire to consume, he will talk at length. More annoying. If the tattoo artist can carefully listen to the voice of the customer and do what he likes, the success rate will be even higher. In fact, a customer who can walk into a beauty store shows that she still has the desire to consume, not unwilling to consume, but only selective consumption. As long as the tattoo artist can establish a good reputation with the customer, and let the customer feel that you are not completing the sales task, but sincerely serving her, the sales will be successful.

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