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How can a novice solve the problem that the eyebrow frame is too obvious and the eyebrow shape cannot be drawn?

by:Qinmei     2023-05-15

About eyebrow shape

Novice tattoo artist is a headache topic,

The following two very frustrating situations are most often encountered:

1. The eyebrow shape is always poorly drawn, and the left and right sides are obviously asymmetrical, especially the left side is not well drawn.

2. The eyebrow shape is finally drawn, but the eyebrow border is too deep and looks very rigid!

Now the learning platform will introduce two contents to you, namely how to design a natural border and the correct steps to draw eyebrows for customers.

The method of designing borders is revealed

Tool: Slanted needle row (14, 17, 21 needles can be selected).

Color material: the lightest color, such as light brown.

Operation: manual pen, pricking operation.

Method description: Use the needle sheet to dip the lightest color (light coffee), dip a little bit, and then gently use the pricking method on the edge of the eyebrow frame to pick out the eyebrow frame.


1. For the color, pay attention to using a color material that is lighter than the target color, so that the eyebrow frame will not be too obvious.

2. The technique must be slight, and only traces of the frame can be vaguely seen. Don't make it so obvious!

3. Pick out several important points (brow head, eyebrow peak, eyebrow tail, eyebrow center, eyebrow waist). Then use the pen to gently draw a circle along the dotted line of the eyebrow frame. Do not pick the entire eyebrow frame completely, but pick it sparsely.

4. After the eyebrows are finished, you can use Vaseline to wipe them clean. Don't use too much force when you wipe them, so as not to damage the eyebrows.

'Three-point positioning thrush' method

Above you have learned the correct way to frame the eyebrows, and then I will tell you how to position and determine the eyebrow shape on the real customer!


Brow: Extend up through the hollow of the nose to define the brow.


Eyebrow: Extend upward from the outer edge of the nostril and the extension line of the black eyeball to find the eyebrow peak.


Brow Tail: Extend outward from the intersection of the outer edge of the nostril and the end of the eye to find the brow tail.

Divided by a straight line, we can see

The point of the eyebrow peak is a little higher than the point above the brow

The point at the end of the brow is slightly higher than the point below the brow.


Fixed point: Determine the three-point position of the eyebrow head, eyebrow peak and eyebrow tail.


Connection: Connect the three points and design the desired eyebrow shape at the same time.

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