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How does a novice tattoo artist operate the perfect eyeliner?

by:Qinmei     2022-08-22

The contact line is the key to making the eyes bigger and brighter. It can make our eyes closed without trace and open with spirit. However, it is not so simple to make a cosmetic contact line as if it were a line. It is not like the eyebrows can be drawn first and then done, but it tests the design sense of the tattoo artist, and also tests the proficiency of the pmu tattoo artist's basic skills in the operation process.

In addition, you may also encounter a series of problems such as the lack of coloring of the color contact lens line and the weak line feeling of the color contact lens line. Customers ask more and encounter more problems. So, today, let's talk about how to perfectly operate the color contact lens line in practice.

1. Close

The so-called 'closed' is to ensure that the customer's eyes are closed during the operation. Why take this condition as the first place? Because if the customer's eyes are open, the position of the operation cannot be determined during the operation, and the hand that fixes the eye skin will keep shaking, resulting in unstable wiring and eyeballs. The nudity also comes with the risk of injury from touching the eyeball with the tool.

Secondly, before operating the contact lens line, we must ensure that the customer does not wear contact lenses or suffer from eye diseases. You must know that it is very dangerous to wear cosmetic contact lenses, and eye diseases not only cause poor coloring of the cosmetic contact lens line due to excessive secretions, but also cause the deterioration of eye diseases and the risk of infection.

In order to avoid the situation mentioned above, the pmu tattoo artist needs to keep the customer's eyes closed. The specific operation is to use the index finger, middle finger and ring finger to gently open the customer's upper eyelid. When you see the cartilage at the root of the eyelashes vertically upward, gently press the eyelashes with the middle finger, and then push the upper eyelid back to its original position.

2, vertical

The so-called 'vertical"It means that during the operation, the instrument to be operated is perpendicular to the operation surface, that is, on the cartilage at the root of the eyelashes. This angle should be maintained throughout the operation.

Because the vertical angle can ensure the correct penetration of the needle sticking on the pigment into the cartilage epidermis. If the angle is inclined, the colorant will not be able to enter the cartilage epidermal cells correctly, which is one of the reasons why repeated coloring is useless.

Secondly, the vertical method is also beneficial to maintain the depth of operation, and the proper depth of operation is the key point of coloring in the operation of the color pupil line. Of course, the tattoo artist should keep in mind that it is the right depth, and don't use too much force. If the operation is too deep, it will cause the mixing of the pigment and the blood, which will make the eye line smudge and discolor.

3. Short

What is 'short'? In fact, it refers to two aspects. On the one hand, the beauty contact line should be made short as a whole, and on the other hand, during the operation, remember to color it in sections, and the distance between each section should be short.

The contact line is made short, that is, from the root of the eyelashes to the last one. Don't add a small tail and lengthen the pupil line, which will make the eyes look more unnatural, and the original pupil line will also become nondescript.

It is best to use short distances for each section of coloring. Basic tattooists know that coloring should be done back and forth when coloring on the beauty contact line. And this back and forth coloring distance is as short as possible, and it is better to basically control it at 0.2-0.3 cm. This coloring effect is good, and the molding effect is more delicate.

4. More

When it comes to 'more', I believe it is easy to understand, that is, the coloring of the color contact line must be repeated many times during the operation. Generally, after the operation is completed, use a dry cotton pad to wipe off the excess colorant, and then check whether the coloring is uniform, whether there is any leakage. If there is, continue to color.

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