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How does hemp-free feather eyebrow work? Linen-Free Down Brow Tutorial

by:Qinmei     2022-12-10
More and more people are keen to choose hemp-free down eyebrows when tattooing their eyebrows. There are two reasons for this. fluff effect. So how can a tattoo artist create such fashionable eyebrows for customers? Details determine success or failure. Let's take a look at the operation techniques and attention to details of the feather-free eyebrows.

Tool selection:
Use Bormeize P1+ 0.25 single needle, turn on the machine and adjust the needle length to 1.5mm, absorb a small amount of pigment, the needle tip and the skin are 90° vertical, throw the needle lightly into the skin, first make the main line, build the eyebrow skeleton, and then apply it on the brow and The places with large gaps in the lines are filled with fluff. Finally, lightly mist the gaps between the lines. The same color can be used. The direction of the single-needle fogging is according to the direction of the line, and the fog is made over and over again.
The skin wound will be smaller and the lines will be more obvious.
If you are not familiar with it, when fogging, it is easy to wipe out the lines, or faint the color, or even make it very thick.

Remember, when making lines, you must pay attention to the dotted lines, and you cannot use the eyebrow line technique to follow the solid lines. Don't work on lines that are too dense and too small. It should be relatively sparse and thick.
How to create the effect of silk down with fog in the silk?
There are ten must-attend points that must be paid attention to in the operation of hemp-free down eyebrows
1. The line of the brow must be thin + short.
2. The line of the eyebrow follows the original growth direction of the eyebrow.
3. The lines of the brows should not be too dense or too vertical.
4. Determine the number and direction of the lines according to the eyebrows of the customers.
5. The line of the eyebrow body is based on the principle of filling and filling the original eyebrows.
6. The eyebrow body line should not be too long (customers with many eyebrows).
7. The line of the eyebrow body can connect the eyebrow body to the junction of the eyebrow tail (customers with few eyebrows).
8. Do not line the ends of the eyebrows, or make them short and thin to plump the ends of the eyebrows (customers with eyebrows at the end of the eyebrows).
9. Blur effect at the end of eyebrow operation. (customers with brow tail and eyebrow lines).
10. Whether the tidy effect or down effect can be determined according to the customer's overall senses.

Case analysis of common operational defects
dense lines
The line of the eyebrows is weakened, and the effect of velvet can be presented from the brow. But the overall color of the eyebrows is too thick to perfectly show the effect of velvet to the extreme.

Personal operation opinion:
Lighten the color, or lighten it when fogging. The velvet lines on the brows are too dense and can be thinned out a bit.
Regular and obvious brow lines
(As shown in the picture below) The overall effect of the eyebrows is still lifelike, but the brow lines in the red circle are too obvious and regular. It cannot be blended with the eyebrows between the brow and the brow body.

Personal operation opinion:
The line of the brow is gentler, and the thin and short line is irregular and slightly brought in towards the body of the brow.
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