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How long after lip bleaching can you eat? Food taboos after lip bleaching

by:Qinmei     2022-12-12

Floating lip is a kind of semi-permanent makeup lip, and it is a common semi-permanent lip makeup technology. It can make up for some deficiencies on the lips, change the color, and become fuller and more sexy and beautiful. Girls who are familiar with semi-permanent and semi-permanent must understand that it takes a period of time to avoid eating after lip bleaching. How long should you avoid eating after lip bleaching? What foods should not be eaten? Let's take a look at the details together.

How long do you need to avoid eating after bleaching your lips?

Generally, after lip bleaching, sisters should avoid eating for at least two weeks after lip bleaching. The reason why there are taboos after lip rinsing is because the wound has scabs. Some irritating foods will affect the scabs and scabs of the wound. Many people take about a week for the wounds to scab and scabs after lip rinsing, while some people need It takes two weeks for the scab to completely fall off. Therefore, it is recommended that beauty lovers should avoid eating for about two weeks.

Why do you need to avoid mouth after lip bleaching? The wound needs to be repaired

After bleaching the lips, dense small wounds will be left on the skin of the lips, and it will take about a week to heal the scabs. It takes about a week for the wounds to scab and fall off. Girls with lips should avoid eating for about two weeks.

Do not avoid food after lip bleaching is not good for recovery

If there are no taboos for unhealthy food after lip bleaching (such as smoking and drinking, etc.), then it is easy to delay wound healing after lip bleaching, because some alcohol and spicy food are harmful to the recipient after lip bleaching. Said to be irritants, these types of irritants will affect the healing after canthus opening in various aspects.

What food and alcohol should be avoided after lip bleaching

Alcohol contains alcohol, and alcohol will destroy the effect of the repair ointment given by the doctor after lip bleaching, making the lip bleacher feel that the wound left after lip bleaching is very painful. In addition, drinking alcohol after bleaching the lips will dilute the blood, which will affect the healing time of the wound. Therefore, you cannot drink alcohol immediately after lip balm.

hot pot

It is recommended that the recipient not eat hot pot immediately after lip bleaching. This is because hot pot is generally hot and there will be a lot of steam rising. Once the wound on the lips touches it, it is easy to cause infection. In addition, many hot pots are relatively high in salt, so eating too much It will make it difficult for the body to discharge water, resulting in edema of the lips after lip bleaching. Therefore, hot pot cannot be eaten after lip bleaching.

fish shrimp crab

Fish, shrimp, and crabs themselves contain histamine, and if sensitive people come into contact with this kind of histamine, it may cause the capillaries of the lips to dilate, leading to allergic symptoms of congestion and edema. Therefore, beauty lovers who are prone to allergies (such as those with a history of urticaria) should avoid eating fish, shrimp and crabs as much as possible after lip bleaching.

spicy food

Eating spicy and stimulating food after lip bleaching can cause the beauty seeker to experience reactions such as hotness and sweating, and a certain amount of bacteria will inevitably exist in the sweat. If you eat a lot of spicy food after lip bleaching, it is easy to cause irritation to the wound on the lip, and if sweat flows near the wound, bacteria will enter the wound and easily cause infection.

hot food

In addition to the fact that spicy food can make people sweat, eating hot food can also easily cause scabs on the lips, causing the scabs to soften and fall off, causing injury to the lips, making the lips more susceptible to injury, causing new wounds, and affecting the wound surface of the lips recover.

What can I eat after bleaching my lips?

After reading some of the above taboo foods, it is simply suffering for foodie girls, so what can you eat? It is recommended that after finishing the semi-permanent lip makeup, eat more vitamin vegetables and fruits, which will help moisturize the lips, improve skin immunity, and prevent infection. Furthermore, drinking plenty of water to maintain sufficient moisture to avoid chapped lips is not a phenomenon.

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