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How long can half tattooed eyebrows last?

by:Qinmei     2022-08-25

If you like Korean semi-fixed makeup, then please accept the process of its transformation: design - operation - scab removal - fading - adjustment - forming, eyebrows are done in three parts, and seven parts are nourished. Just a thousand years. Eyebrows and lips care is very important! It is very important to take care of the first week after doing half eyebrows, eyes and lips!

Post Repair Notes

1. There will be tissue fluid oozing out of the area just after the operation. At this time, the customer needs to sit for an extra 20 minutes, and then the pmu tattoo artist will help her apply the repair essence for one minute and then wipe it off. Then the customer will go out with a wet cotton pad in his hand. To prevent tissue fluid from flowing out. In the evening, wash the face and essence for one minute and then wipe it off, and then the customer goes out with a wet cotton pad in hand to prevent tissue fluid from flowing out. Wash your face that night

2. After the operation, clean the eyebrows every two or three hours and then apply a thin layer of repair essence (wipe off after one minute). The scab will be removed in about 4 days, and the color after the scab will be very clear.

3. The scab must not be buckled, and it has to wait for it to fall off naturally, otherwise it is easy to take away the pigment. To do half eyebrows, three points operation, seven points repair, eyebrows need to be calm and can't be rushed. After thinking about it, I did it perfectly. I made the eyebrows too deep, and it was easy to smudge into blue and flaky eyebrows. The old-fashioned eyebrow tattoos are not so good, and they are not easy to repair! Therefore, MMs still have to actively cooperate with the tattoo artist and communicate more to achieve the best results.

Half-style eyebrow tattoos usually last for about 3 years. Of course, there will be differences according to individual circumstances. This will also help beauty seekers to change their eyebrow shape, and the trend of eyebrow shape will also change. Half-style eyebrow tattoos are more variable. , When the eyebrow shape gradually fades, you can change to a new style.

Small knowledge of popular science

When the customer who has finished the eyebrows has recovered very well in the later stage, when using sunscreen, sunscreen, foundation, cream to cover, and freckle and whitening, be sure to clean the cream on the eyebrows with a cotton swab! Otherwise, the eyebrows will turn gray and blue over time. Especially freckle whitening cream, it turns blue in a month. In particular, the freckle removal products have the effect of lightening pigment and whitening, and when applied to the eyebrows that have been done, it will turn the eyebrows blue.

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